Terms and Conditions


  1. By entering the Competition, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any instructions relating to the Competition on the SMB Heroes Website form part of these Terms and Conditions.

  2. Any capitalised terms used in these Terms and Conditions have the meaning given in the Schedule, unless stated otherwise. In the event of any inconsistency between the Schedule to the Terms and Conditions (Schedule) and these Terms and Conditions, the Schedule will take precedence.

  3. Google may in its absolute discretion refuse to award any Prize to any entrant who fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Entry Restrictions

  1. Eligibility to enter the Competition is subject to the Entry Restrictions.

  2. Persons who are (1) residents of US embargoed countries, (2) ordinarily resident in US embargoed countries, or (3) otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs may not participate in this contest.

  3. This competition is not open to employees of Google, or members of their immediate family.

Competition Period

  1. The Competition will be conducted during the Competition Period. Any entry received after the expiry of the Competition Period will be deemed invalid. No responsibility is accepted by Google for late, lost, delayed or misdirected entries.

Entry Method

  1. To be deemed eligible for the Prize, entrants must act in accordance with the Entry Method (and any other entry details provided by Google on the Website) during the Competition Period.

Maximum Number of Entries

  1. Entrants can only enter the Competition once for each category.

Judging Details

  1. The entrant(s) whose entry is judged by The Jury to be the best example of the benchmarks outlined in the Judging Criteria will win the Prize. Chance plays no part in determining the Prize winners. Decisions of Google and the Jury are final and will be binding on each person who enters the Competition and no correspondence will be entered into.


  1. The Prize will be awarded as specified in the Schedule. The Prize values are the recommended retail value as provided by the relevant supplier, are in Indian Rupees and are correct as at the time of the commencement of the Competition Period. Google accepts no responsibility for any variation in the Prize value.

Prize Restrictions

  1. Unless otherwise specified in the Schedule, Google will not be responsible for any additional costs associated with use of the Prize. The Prize winner (and, if applicable, their guest(s)) is responsible for all costs associated with using the Prize.

  2. The Prize winner must be available and willing to redeem the Prize on the date stipulated by the Google. If the Prize winner is not able to redeem the Prize on that date, the Google may determine another Prize winner in its absolute discretion.

  3. No component of the Prize can be transferred or redeemed for cash.

  4. All Prizes are subject to availability. In the event that any of the Prizes or part of a Prize becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond Google’s reasonable control, Google reserves the right to provide a similar product to the same or greater value as the original prize.

  5. It is a condition of accepting the Prize that the winner (and any guests participating in using the Prize) must comply with all the conditions of use of the Prize and Prize supplier’s requirements.

Winner Notification

  1. Unless advertised differently, the Prize winner(s) will be notified in accordance with the Winner Notification details in the Schedule.

Rights in Your Entry

  1. To be eligible for a Prize your entry must only include original material created by you or material which you have permission to use, which may be included in your entry.

  2. By submitting your entry to Google, you grant Google and its licensees and assignees:

      1. the right to reproduce and communicate your entry to the public in whole or in part, in perpetuity and throughout the world in any media; and

      2. the right to publicise, broadcast and communicate to the public your name, character, likeness or voice for any promotion or matter incidental to the Competition with no compensation to you for such use.

  3. You understand and agree that your entry may be edited or adapted at any time by Google for legal, editorial or operational reasons.

  4. As a condition of accepting the Prize, the winner must sign any legal documentation, including Media Release forms, as and in the form required by Google and/or Prize suppliers in their absolute discretion, including but not limited to a legal release and indemnity form.


  1. Any attempt to interfere with the normal functioning of the Website or to otherwise undermine the legitimate operation of this Competition is prohibited and will render all entries submitted by that entrant invalid.

  2. You warrant that:

    1. your entry is your original work, and to the extent it is not, you have obtained the relevant permission;

    2. all details provided with your entry are true and accurate;

    3. you have all necessary rights to grant to Google the rights granted under these Terms and Conditions;

    4. use of your entry by Google, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, will not infringe the rights of any third parties; and

    5. your entry does not breach any law.

  3. You agree to indemnify Google against any loss or damage resulting from any breach of the warranties above and acknowledge that Google may, in its absolute discretion, not award the Prize to you for breach of the warranties above.

  4. You acknowledge that Google is under no obligation to use your entry, and any reproduction and/or communication of your entry to the public by Google (in accordance with these Terms and Conditions) is at the complete discretion of Google.

  5. Google will collect your personal information for the purposes of conducting the Competition. In doing so, Google may disclose your personal information to its contractors, agents, any partner or co-promoter. Prize winners’ names may be published as set out in these Terms and Conditions. Google may also use your personal information for any promotional, marketing and publicity purposes of Google.

  6. If there is any event that prevents or hinders Google’s conduct of the Competition or Google’s ability to deliver the Prize to the Prize winner(s), Google may, in its discretion, cancel the Competition and recommence it at another time under the same conditions.

  7. Google is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, or for any failure of the equipment or programming associated with or utilised in the Competition, or for any technical error that may occur in the course of the administration of the Competition. Google assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorised access to or alteration of entries.

  8. To the full extent permitted by the law, Google will not be liable for any delay, death, injury, damages, expenses, or loss whatsoever (whether direct or consequential) to persons or property as a result of any person entering into the Competition or accepting or using any Prize, including without limitation non-receipt of any Prize or damage to any Prize in transit and the Prize winner’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions (if any) specified by any third party.  

  9. PUBLICITY:  By accepting a prize, Participant agrees to Sponsor and its agencies use of its name and/or likeness and Presentation for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation, unless prohibited by law.

Schedule to the Terms and Conditions

 All capitalised terms used in this Schedule give meaning given to the language used in the Terms and Conditions.

SMB Heroes Competition
Competition Website

Entry Restrictions

Entry to the Competition is open to:

  • Any business that has a turnover of less than Rs 200 crores annually as specified by the business in the registration form

  • The business is owned by an Indian citizen; is based in India

Competition Period

Competition and Entry Period commences: Wednesday 8th March 2017

Entry Period closes: Monday 24th April 2017

Competition ends: Friday 30th June 2017

Entry Method

To enter, entrants must:

Complete a submission using the competition form hosted on the Competition Website, during the Entry Period, providing the following information:

  • A general overview of the business (including but not limited to name, size, industry, address );

  • Evidence of how the business is using the internet to grow or improve business operations, with specific examples from the past 12-24 months;

  • Target customers and how the internet is being used to reach them or attract new customers;

  • The internet technologies the business uses;

  • Business goals and the strategies being using to achieve them;

  • The extent to which the business has, or is likely to have, a positive impact beyond the business (i.e to your industry, to the community);

Competition categories

Entrants can register their business in any/all of the 3 categories -:

  • Woman Business leader

  • Business innovation through digital

  • Impacting change

Maximum Number of Entries

Entrants may only enter the Competition once for each category. The entrant may apply to more than 1 category.

The Jury

There will be 2 juries, each corresponding to a round of selection.  

For the regional rounds, the jury will comprise of a panel of 3 India business leaders who will act as judges for the Competition. In their role, the jury will evaluate competition submissions against a set of judging criteria through scoring. This jury will select the regional winners for each category.

The Jury for the national rounds will comprise of  a panel of industry experts who will act as judges for the Competition. The Jury will be comprised of one (1) representative from industry bodies, one (1) representative from Google and three (3) independent parties. In their role, members of the Jury will evaluate Competition submissions against a set of Judging Criteria through scoring. This jury will select the National winners for each category.

Judging Criteria

The Judging criteria refers to a set of benchmarks by which submissions will be judged by the Jury.

 The Judging criteria for the Competition falls under 2 themes:

  • Digital Savviness - What role does the participant see technology playing for their organization (10 points)

  • Impact of digital on their business and beyond - How has the internet impacted the participant’s business as well as a larger community beyond it (15 points)

Each submission to the Competition will be scored basis the above mentioned criteria and the submission  with the highest score will be the winner.

 Voting and Judging Process

At the conclusion of the Competition Period, the Jury will have up to sixty six (66) business days to consider the Competition submissions and select eighteen (18) finalists, that is six (6) finalists from each category for the regional rounds. From among the 18 finalists, who will participate in the national round of the Competition, three (3) winners, that is one (1) winner from each category will be chosen.


There will be three (3) Major Prizes awarded to national winners, and fifteen (15) Minor Prizes, of which one (1) will be awarded to each Finalist, for each of the rounds respectively.

Minor Prize

Minor Prize includes:

Becoming the face of next season of SMB Heroes, 2018 1 seat at an Executive education programs (Estimated value INR 670, 000 no cash exchange)

Major Prize

Major Prize includes:

All items of the Minor Prize, as well as:

Integration across other Google platforms such as Digital Unlocked (g.co/digitalunlocked)
Google to make a video case study for each of the 3 business (to be used in other platforms)

(1) round-trip airfare (coach) for the winner to travel from the major airport closest to the individual’s residence to Google APAC HQ in Singapore; (2) double-occupancy hotel accommodation for two 2 nights in Singapore; and  hotel accommodations at Sponsor's discretion. ( You are responsible for any other expenses including cost to obtain a passport or visa and any other incidental travel cost not expressly stated above, including but not limited to, ground transportation, passenger tariffs or duties, surcharges, airport fees, service charges or facility charges, personal charges at lodging, security fees, taxes or other expenses are the responsibility solely of the winner.  Prize is not redeemable for cash)

Travel companions of the winner(s) must also execute a Declaration of Eligibility and Liability and Publicity Release prior to ticketing and both winner(s) and companions must possess required travel documents (e.g. valid passport and visa if applicable) prior to ticketing.  In the event that the travel companion is a minor, his or her parent or legal guardian must execute the required documents.  Once the travel schedule has been arranged, it cannot be altered and failure of a winner to follow such schedule shall not obligate Google in any way to provide the winner with alternate arrangements. 

Winner Notification

For the Regional round, winners will be notified on or before  May 3rd 2017, via the phone and email contact details included in their submission, the potential winner(s) will be notified, at Google’s discretion. If a potential winner does not respond to the notification attempt within 5 days from the first notification attempt, then such potential winner will be disqualified and an alternate potential winner will be selected from among all eligible entries received based on the judging criteria described herein.

The National Round winners will be notified on or before 30th June 2017, via the phone and email provided in their submission at Google’s discretion or at an event organized by Google in Delhi by July 7th 2017. If a potential winner does not respond to the notification attempt within 5 days from the first notification attempt, then such potential winner will be disqualified and an alternate potential winner will be selected from among all eligible entries received based on the judging criteria described herein.