GDG Open Conference

Friday, September 23th 2016 @ ETSI Informática (UMA)
Bulevar Louis Pasteur, 35, 29071 Málaga

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17:00h — Spanish GDGs for the massess

Google Developer Groups are a fundamental part of the outreach activities for developers. In Spain the GDGs have been growing steadily and today, they are among the most active in the world, running educational activities for kids, inclusive activities for women and supportive activities for startups.

Andres L. Martinez-Ortiz a.k.a Almo is Developer Program Manager in Google's Engineering organisation. He is focused on driving the success of Google's developer products and the open web by creating a thriving ecosystem of 3rd party applications and businesses built on them. Closely with Product Management, Marketing, PR, Business Development, and other, he works with and supports developer communities, initiating activities that meet the needs of the innovation ecosystem. In addition, he meets with developers and partners in large companies, startups, universities and enterprises, promoting Open standards and Google technologies.


Andres L Martinez a.k.a almo

Google Developer Relations

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17:15h — Google Data Processing Technologies

Javier is a web developer who's passionate about the internet and the way it's reshaping culture and society.

He's the founder of – a place where teams hang together, collaborate and share information. He's also founded, where you can analyse everything going on in your web, mobile, or IoT application the Big Data way.

Javier is a software engineer and has worked in IT since 1996, with a strong focus on the web. In fact, he's been building web applications since 1996, and involved in the web at every stage – from the old-school monolithic quasi-static sites, to the highly available, distributed, micro-service based, front-end intensive current applications.

He's a Google Developer Expert on the Cloud Platform too, and can help startups choose their technological stack; make sense of their data using Big Data analytics; open up by using APIs; and build a cost-effective scalable system. He loves how even a small team can achieve so much – simply by leveraging the power of the cloud and Open Source.

In his spare time, Javier enjoys attending and presenting at tech conferences, where he's talked about Big Data (AWS + Google Bigquery); Redis; Ruby on Rails; API usability; REST web services; hypermedia APIs; agile development; SEO; analytics; CSS frameworks; game development; and software engineering. He's also helped organize a number of conferences and local groups.

Javier is currently based in London, and has worked in Zaragoza, Brescia, New York, Barcelona and Madrid.

Javier Ramirez

Google Developer Expert

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17:55h — Firebase Android Test Lab


Cloud Test Lab es un servicio de test que permite probar aplicaciones Android en dispositivos reales o virtuales en la nube de Google

En esta charla veremos cómo funciona Cloud Test Lab y haremos un ejemplo en vivo conectándonos a un dispositivo real en la nube y corriendo una batería de tests sobre el mismo.

Jorge Barroso is the co-founder and Android developer of Karumi. Karumi is an intentionally small software development studio headquartered in Madrid and specialized in developing lean and stable native applications and working with teams for improve their skills.

Before Karumi, he worked 5 years as a Senior Tech Lead at Tuenti ,the leading Spanish social network, and MVNO ,part of the Telefonica Group. At Tuenti, Jorge developed a wide variety of strategic products covering J2ME, Blackberry and especially Android.

With over 10 years of software engineering experience Jorge defines himself as a pragmatic coder who thrives to improve the Android project architecture by being a firm advocate of the concept of semantic code and test development. He is continuously learning and honing his Android coding skills in an effort to understand and adapt to the evolution and of the internal framework.

Jorge is also a seasoned tech conference speaker. He is well known among the Spanish developer community for talks covering the topics of best practices for Android development, Material Design adoption and optimal application architectures.

When Jorge is not Rock Solid Coding, he’s most likely making and playing video games. He also brings an intense love for board games.


Jorge Barroso

Google Developer Expert

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18:35h — Google Kubernetes

Kubernetes and Google Container Engine: Simplifying developer’s life:
I'm a software developer and I'm always one step behing in the system part, but when you work in a small team in a startup you usually need to learn a bit more of everything. In this talk we will see the different tools that Kubernetes provides to help us to create an scalable infrastructure and how to integrate a continuous deployment workflow with our system in Google Container Engine.

Laura Morillo-Velarde is a software developer at Seedtag. She has always been involved in community groups: AgileSpain, Software Craftsmanship, Madrid.rb, GDG… but always missing more women representation. In 2010 she created the group Agile Girls and in 2015 she also joined Tech and Ladies. The goal is the same, to probe that women doesn’t have to be ‘unicorns’ in the development world.

Laura Morillo

Software Developer at Seedtag

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19:10h — With Polymer, using the platform to build a better web

Abdón is a galician passionate about technology. He works as Frontend Developer at IBM Research. As a believer of Web Technologies, in recent years he has focused on Web Components (with Polymer) and Progressive Web Apps.

Abdon is a very active person in the community. Part of his free time is dedicated to give lectures, organize events with Google Developer Groups of Spain or contributing to open source projects.

Abdón Rodriguez

Google Developer Expert

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19:45h — Google Tensorflow introduction: design, tips and tricks

Gema Parreño is a several times awarded product designer that has been focused into Artificial Intelligence and software architecture for 2 years highlighting experiences with Natual Languaje Understanding. She is now developing recursive neural networks and clustering classifications in Tensor Flow with Python since Google opened TensorFlow focusing now on Sentiment Analysis and computer vision . The talk will be focused on reverse ingeeniering of a limbic system and a neural net demo using computer vision.

Gema Parreño

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20:20 Machine Learning APIs @ Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Machine Learning provides modern machine learning services, with pre-trained models and a platform to generate your own tailored models. Our neural net-based ML platform has better training performance and increased accuracy compared to other large scale deep learning systems. Our services are fast, scalable and easy to use. Major Google applications use Cloud Machine Learning, including Photos (image search), the Google app (voice search), Translate, and Inbox (Smart Reply). Our platform is now available as a cloud service to bring unmatched scale and speed to your business applications.

Nacho Coloma

Google Solutions Engineer for Cloud

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