Travel Grant FAQs 

This page is restricted and applicable only to those who have been confirmed to attend the event as a travel grant recipient. 

Q. Who is eligible for a travel grant?

You must be 18 years of age or older and must be able to attend the full event.

Attendees residing over 200 km away from Dublin will receive a lump sum reimbursement (300 EUR) of expenses incurred to attend 'Spotlight on Cloud' event. Please keep the receipts.

Q. I need a visa to travel to Ireland. Will Google help me secure a visa letter?

Please first check with the relevant authorities to determine the required documents and arrangements. If you require a visa letter, you can send a request to Google will not be able to contact an embassy on your behalf.

Q. Will Google arrange travel and accommodation?

You will be responsible for all arrangements of travelling to and from Dublin as well as accommodation to stay in Dublin. By accepting the grant, you understand and agree that travel contains some inherent element of risk of accident, illness, injury, loss or death. In no event will Google, its affiliates, or agents, be liable for any harm, damage, claim, loss or other action arising out of your travel to or from the event. 

Q. How will I be reimbursed?

Google will reimburse you a lump sum of 300 Euro after the event via bank transfer. Please keep all receipts until you receive the payment as proof of travel may be requested. After the event, you’ll be contacted by our third-party vendor, Plus Relocation (PR), for help with reimbursement.

Q. Can I give my grant to others?

The grant is non-transferrable and must be redeemed by you and only you.

Q. Does Google provide travel insurance?

No, travel grant recipients are not covered by Google's corporate travel insurance, nor can we guarantee you'll be covered under any government health care schemes. We advise you to take out your own policy for medical coverage and repatriation before you travel.