Please join us in the Bay area for the 2018 Street View Summit!

Hosted on Google’s campus, we’ve got some great speakers, content, and demos lined up to give you a glimpse into the future of Street View. We’ll be delving into the following themes:

An accurate model of the world enables better decision-making on several scales:

  • Paired with personally relevant details, this supports better transit, shopping, and discovery experiences.
  • For local business, this detail enables greater discoverability among relevant prospective patrons.
  • At a community scale, public works efforts can be streamlined.
  • Even country-wide, a high-fidelity model stands to be a visceral, differentiating marketing resource.

 As a pioneer in machine learning, Google is advancing the state of the art along two fronts:

  • Developing the tools to create and maintain this always accurate, global model.
  • Advancing techniques that translate this model—and other context clues—into helpful observations.

At the 2018 Street View Summit, we will explore these concepts and highlight the latest tools at your disposal to help build and maintain this world model.

Early registration is open now! Please note that capacity for this event is limited, and all travel and hotel accommodations are at your own expense.