GDR Online July 6-20 

  • 30 sessions
  • 10 Tracks
  • 3 Languages: Arabic, English, & French
  • +15 Expert Trainers

GCP Study Jams

GCP Essentials

  • Creating a Virtual Machine 
  • Getting Started with Cloud Shell & gcloud 
  • Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start 
  • Set Up Network and HTTP Load Balancers 

Cloud IoT Study Jam

GSuite Study Jams


Kb8: Kubernetes in the Google Cloud

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start
  • Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes
  • Managing Deployments Using Kubernetes Engine


ML Study jams

  • Intro to ML: Language Processing
  • Intro to ML: Image Processing
  • Intermediate ML: TensorFlow on GCP
  • Advanced ML: ML Infrastructure

Assistant: Check below

Flutter: Check below

Kotlin: coming !

Web / PWA/ AMP: coming

Firebase: coming !

Flutter Study Jam
Google Assistant Study Jam
Web Study Jam