The Study Jams are designed to achieve an incredible amount of progress in a very short time. Feedback from our events around the world has shown us that practice makes perfect and it is more fun to learn if we can get our hands dirty.

The quota is limited and that is why we ask you to read the application criteria:

  1. Have programming fundamentals and know Java or Python.
  2. Apply and be accepted into the program.
  3. Bringing a laptop to the event: Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux, everyone is welcome.
  4. Computer charger.
  5. For a better experience in the laboratories it is necessary to have as main browser: Firefox or Chrome.

We hope to see you at the event!



If you want to get the most out of it, you should prepare yourself for:

  1. Be open to learning methods and concepts.
  2. Make decisions and be active.

In short: prepare for two days of intense learning.


Format of the Study Jam

The facilitator will walk you through the training course and will help you with modules covering practical exercises. You will then complete the remaining of the modules as a self-study, online, after the sessions. The format/agenda of the event will vary as per the plan of the facilitator. 

Attend a Study Jam

Other information you should know about..

Google Cloud Platform

During the event we will use a tool called "Qwiklabs" , a Google training product. If you have used Qwiklabs before, great! Make sure you know your password.

If you have never used Qwiklabs before, save time by creating an account at (creation of the account is free).

In the event we will give you a link that gives you one month of free access to Qwiklabs.

Machine Learning API or/& TensorFlow [using Qwicklabs]

This program is suitable for you as a participant, if:

  • API Target audience: people have the basics of machine learning (basics of ML and Programming is required)
  • TF Target audience: people have no background about machine learning (No Machine learning skills required just developing skills on how to use APIs)  


You need to get your machine ready before coming, and for that you need to follow the instructions below..

  1. Download Android Studio
  2. Install Flutter SDK

Please note that Flutter depends on Android SDK (Android Studio) or iOS SDK (Xcode), so make sure to install either first before installing Flutter.