Thank you for your interest in contributing to this initiative. We appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge back with the community.

Format to host your Study Jam

Study Jams is a 4 hours program that combines in-person meetups and self study hours. The facilitator’s role is to introduce the concepts, exercises and case studies to the participants through the in-person sessions, address questions and moderate discussions.

Facilitators are free to add, codelabs sessions, Hackathons, case studies, webinars or any ideas on top of the core curriculum, to make the sessions more relevant and impactful for the audience. Study Jams can be run anytime through the year.

Why host a Study Jam

Study Jams are a great opportunity to bring members of your community together to learn something new or advance their knowledge, with the help of a community facilitator. Skills learnt in this workshop can be used for personal development or career advancement.

As a complement to large tech talks and viewing party events that you may already be hosting, the Study Jams framework brings together a small group of your members who are interested in learning about a specific domain with focus and dedication.


Host a Study Jam

Requirements to host an Study Jam

This program is suitable for you as a facilitator, if:

  • You are a strong programmer
  • You have completed the Study Jam yourself.
  • You are a practitioner in the selected track, ideally with a few years of experience in using the technology to solve business problems in any industry.