Abdelrahman Omran

Google DevRel Ecosystem, Tech Expert

Abdelrahman Omran is part of the ecosystem team working on empowering the communities to have more impact, be scalable, and self-sustainable. He is also a proficient Software Architect, and he considered himself Open Source Evangelist (10k+ Github commits)! He used to have his own startup named "Rinvex", where they build enterprise solutions for SMEs. One of the projects he’s proud of was building a platform for competitive cyber security challenges for both consumers and businesses, where security professionals from over 67 countries, and 98 universities, compete in both online and live CTF competitions.

He have been working with the community for many years as a GDG/WTM organizer and mentor, as well as a GDE/Google Developer Expert for Web, Cloud, Assistant, and Identity. One of his passions is empowering developers at any experience level to attain new skills that allow them to grow both personally and professionally. Within the past three years he’s proud to have trained over 15k+ developers / entrepreneurs, and reached total of 58k+ of audience, plus around 2 million online impressions. 

Website / LinkedIn / Twitter

Mohamed Buallay

Google DevRel Ecosystem, Tech Expert

Mohamed Buallay is an entrepreneur and founder of "Kiwi", he has worked on many AI projects some of which cooperated with WNNA, University of Bahrain and Ministry of Youth and Sport.

He is experienced in Deep learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer vision and Parallel Processing. He was also the winner of The Zayed Hackathon.

Mohamed is a Regional AI Speaker who has delivered many workshops In Bahrain, Dubai and KSA. He is a Co-Organizer at Google Developer group Manama, and has collaborated with IEEE Polytehnic and Maker faire.


Ahmed Abu Eldahab


Ahmed is Googlde Dev Expert; An entrepreneur, public speaker, passionate about mobile and web applications development, loves solving software engineering challenges across the stack, and he has more than 15 years of professional software engineering experience in desktop, web, and Mobile. He is FlutterEgypt founder & community lead since 2017, co-founded PHPEgypt group at 2003, and currently he’s Co-Founder and CTO at startup. In his own words “Some people like to build software, I am proud to say I'm building developers”.

LinkedIn / Twitter

Rayan Al Zahab

Google Developer Expert; BambooGeeks Founder, GDG Coast Lebanon Lead, Women Techmaker Lead, Dubai GDG & Cloud GDG Lead.

Rayan Al Zahab works as an IT Consultant and specializes in software architecture, design and development; A passionate programmer, Trainer, international speaker and an advocate for gender diversity in the tech industry. She is the first female Google Developer Expert in MENA.

Rayan is the founder of BambooGeeks a startup aiming to empower youth to launch their programming career through human-centered coding BootCamps.

Twitter / rayanzahab.com


Abdulaziz Alhammadi is interested in everything related to products, planning, collaboration, community and growth.

CEO of TechTrans Co, Google Developer Expert at G Suite and Product Strategy

Aziz is a consultant to many governmental and private agencies. Aziz He also founder of products platform called Rqeem it works to share best products on the internet to everyone, and more than 10 products on the internet.  


Ahmed Sobhy is the Founder and CEO of XIOT (XIOT.IO) for IoT solutions; vice chair of IEEE Robotic and automation society Egypt chapter, former project manager for ROV Arab (ROVArab.org), Minesweepers Competition (Landminefree.org) and teaching assistant at October 6 University.

Founder of Google Developer Cloud Community Egypt (GCDC Egypt)

He is Passionate about new technologies: IoT, ML, AI, Robotics and Hardware Development. @Twitter


AMahdy Abdelaziz

Technical speaker, trainer, and developer advocate. Passionate about Web and Mobile apps development, including PWA, offline-first design, in-browser database, and cross-platform tools. Also interested in Android internals such as building custom ROMs and customize AOSP for embedded devices. www.amahdy.net