Assignment 2 : Problem Solving with Tech

Explore Coding with Scratch

Coding may sound tough, but it’s actually really easy! In this assignment, you will learn about the various tools involved in creating an app with Scratch. Once you are familiar with the basics, try your hand at making a game using Scratch. This can be based on something you’d like to teach people to do at home.

Also make sure to watch the video from LearnoHub to get some inspiration for your assignment! 

1. Explore Something New

Explore the interface of Scratch and get yourself familiar with its concepts. To understand the basics of Scratch, click here. Some questions await you in the assignment below to test your knowledge.  

2. Create Something Interesting

Discover the techie in you. Create your own game using Scratch and try to teach everyone around you something educational in a fun yet interesting way.

Step 1: Once you are done exploring the basics of Scratch, visit

Step 2: Start your coding journey by clicking on ‘Start Creating’

Step 3: Explore the various tools and concepts available

Step 4: Create your game which solves a problem you feel everyone is facing in the current situation.

Step 5: Go to ‘File’ present in the top menu, save the game and upload the same on the website.

Once your game is ready, take the assignment.


8-11 years






12-16 years

We know you are going to enjoy these assignments. That’s why we don’t want any glitches, technical or otherwise, to ruin the fun. So here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure we receive your project.

  • Start the assignment only when you have completed the tasks mentioned above.
  • Once you start the assignment, make sure you don’t close it till you finish. Your answers won’t be saved and you will have to redo it.
  • Your email ID is your unique identifier. Use the same email address across all assignments to help us evaluate you better and contact you easily.
  • For Part 2 of the assignment, remember the below mentioned points:
  1. Each child is allowed to submit only 1 game as an entry.
  2. All games to be made on Scratch platform only.
  3. All kids need to provide instructions on how to play the game created by them.
  4. You can upload the file for your projects only in .Sb3 format. The size of the same should not exceed 10 MB.
  • All assignments need to be submitted by 25.7.2020, post this date we won’t be able to accept your submissions.
  • Most importantly, have fun. No minus points for that at Google!  
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