Assignment 4 : Crafts and Sketching

Explore Arts and Crafts of India with Google Arts And Culture

It’s time to travel across India and take inspiration from our country’s amazing arts and crafts. Once you are done exploring, you will be asked questions about your journey and will also get to craft something of your own!

Also, make sure to watch the video from Kesh to get some inspiration for your assignment! 

1. Explore Something New

We just learnt about various arts and crafts of India through Kesh’s artistic video. Fabrics have played an important role in all the crafts and traditions of India. Now pack your bags for a journey across various fabrics of India. Once done exploring, head onto the form below and answer a few questions related to the same.

Step 1: Go To Google Arts and Culture

Step 2: Search Fabrics of India

Step 3: Click on the first exhibit (i.e. The Fabric of India) and get exploring!  

2. Create Something Interesting

Unleash your inner artist and show us what you’ve got! Create a beautiful piece of art that takes us on a journey through various crafts of India. You can create and draw your masterpiece on any surface with any materials, colours, styles that reflect India’s beautiful culture. Send us the image of what you have drawn with a short description.


8-11 years




12-16 years

We know you are going to enjoy these assignments. That’s why we don’t want any glitches, technical or otherwise, to ruin the fun. So here’s a few things to keep in mind to ensure we receive your project! 

  • Start the assignment only when you have completed the tasks mentioned above.
  • Once you start the assignment, make sure you don’t close it till you finish. Your answers won’t be saved and you will have to redo it.
  • Your email ID is your unique identifier. Use the same email address across all assignments to help us evaluate you better and contact you easily.
  • For Part 2 of the assignment, remember the below mentioned points:
  1. Each child is allowed to submit only 1 art piece.
  2. You can pick up anything as a surface - right from the clothes you haven’t worn in a long, long time, disposable plates and containers, paper or whatever you feel can help bring out the theme in the best way possible.
  3. The theme (Crafts of India) needs to come out well in your art.
  4. You can upload your projects in Image format only. The size of the same should not exceed 10 MB.
  • All assignments need to be submitted by 25.7.20. Post this date we won’t be able to accept your submissions.
  • Most importantly, have fun. No minus points for that at Google! 
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