Wear your creative hats & create a story/ animation of your own using Scratch. While it sounds tough & challenging, creating your own animation is really easy & exciting.

Step 1: Go to scratch.mit.edu

Step 2: Explore the various tools available

Step 3: Create a story/ animation of your own about your past learnings from Google Earth, Google Translate & Google Arts & Culture

Step 4: Once your animation is ready, open the assignment below

Step 5: Submit the .sb2 file along with PDF/ Video/ Images to describe your project & then submit the zip folder of your assignment.

This is your last chance to get an opportunity to visit the Google office make sure you make the most of it. 

Disclaimer: We are rescheduling the time for accepting the last submission from 24th June 2018 Midnight to 24th June 2018 10 am