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Jeni Fisher - Partner Development Manager, Google Play


Apps for humans

Lawrence Ampofo - Founder & Director, Digital Mindfulness

What if the entire experience around mobile apps adapted to people? Currently digital experiences are generating headlines for all the wrong reasons. Decreasing self-esteem, fake news, abuse of digital advertising, and cyberbullying all signify one thing: today, most technology operates at a machine level - it can do a great deal with data and facts, but it doesn’t really understand people. Lawrence will share cutting edge innovations and research from around the world on ways apps can at once provide long-term value, and operate at a human level.


Meaningful analytics

Rafael Coimbra - Product Owner, Lifesum 

How well do you know what changes help or hinder you and the people that use your product? In this talk, Rafael will present a framework used at Lifesum to promote, evaluate and improve behavioural change. They call it meaningful analytics, it’s a model of the reasons why people want to use the product, how they behave while using it and ways to improve it.  


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Growing your userbase with better onboarding

Samuel Hulick - UX & Strategy Consultant

Frustration drives people to sign up for products in hopes of improving their lives. The space between the intolerable “before” and the ideal “after” is your project’s “improvement trajectory.” And once this is defined, it’s easier to identify key moments in the customer journey and match them to design patterns. Samuel shares strategies that help you stop hemorrhaging signups. You will learn to create quality onboarding experiences that target your users’ frustrations and move them from A to B in their lives, instead of just A to B in your app.


Lightning talks:

Key factors influencing your users’ long-term retention: isolate and experiment

Maxime Blanc-Strauss - Head of Product, Onefootball

Retaining your users in the long run starts with flawlessly activating them within their first steps in your app. Once you have isolated the key influencing factors for an optimised user activation, it’s finally time to test learn and iterate.

Retention: how to drive one metric that matters 

Mikhail Trutnev - COO, Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar has come up with a way of increasing the retention metric, blending human-to-human interactions, machine learning, confidence to ask for the retention-driving data right after the app install and a special way of establishing an emotional connection between the dev team and the users. In this session Mikhail will share their insights that you could apply to your own app business. 

What you can learn from your user’s shopping list

Marco Cerqui - Founder & CEO, Bring!

For many people writing a grocery shopping list is a necessary evil. Wouldn't it be great to have a mobile assistant planning your next shopping trip for you? In this session you will get insights on how Bring! is building a shopping assistant based on user behaviour and machine learning that you could apply to your own app business.

Beyond the booking 

Breffni Horgan - Director of Product, Hostelworld

The Hostelworld app effectively engages its customers using a number of key features. Each one is designed to address common obstacles people face when travelling that take the app beyond its core booking functionality and in turn enhance the overall travel experience. In this presentation you will gain insights that you may be able to apply to your own business.

Five ways to engage your users

Thomas Kleindessner - VP of Product, Runtastic 

A glimpse into the product portfolio and engagement tactics of Runtastic, on their way to inspire and drive positive habit change in Health & Fitness.





These are parallel sessions. You can choose which one you are interested in attending.

User onboarding

Samuel Hulick - UX & Strategy Consultant

Ever feel like your hard-earned signups aren’t sticking around as long as they could be? Or that your onboarding experience isn’t quite right, but you’re just not sure how to improve it? This workshop is designed to make you SUPER smart with all of that, and boils down everything Samuel knows into a collaborative, hands-on afternoon of onboarding amazingness. You can expect some high-level guidance for big-picture thinking, but mostly lots of tactics and exercises you'll do together during the workshop, as well as a personalised roadmap for applying it all afterwards. This will include:

- How to identify the areas where you’re losing the most users (and what to do to stop losing them).

- How to home in on the core value your product delivers like a heat-seeking missile.

- How to not only set your users up for immediate success, but keep them coming back for more.

- How to leverage customer support, marketing, product, UX and more to have everything pulling in the same direction.

Positive user habits

Mary Liz McCurdy - Partner Development, Google Play

David Crane - Co-founder, Smoke Free

Lawrence Ampofo - Founder & Director, Digital Mindfulness

Whether it’s to ensure business or personal success, we seek to drive behaviour change in ourselves or in others. Mary Liz and David will share examples of mobile apps optimised to drive positive habits. Following this, keynote speaker Lawrence Ampofo will lead a highly interactive Design for Humans workshop, sharing the key skills required to create time will spent digital experiences.

Content discovery

Albert Reynaud - Partner Development, Google Play

Niklas Jansen -  Co-Founder, Blinkist

Elize Bosker - Head of Product, Spideo

The abundance of content available online leads users to a state of "decision paralysis" which directly impact engagement and long-term retention. During this breakout, we'll discuss the challenges and best practices around content discovery and how to surface the right content to the right user at the right time  


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Predict user behavior to optimize revenue and retention

Jumana Al Hashal - Product Manager, Firebase 

Get a hands on look at running experiments with Firebase to test retention strategies and personalize your app for each user. You'll see how to use the power of ML and A/B testing to do just that and learn how Firebase helps increase retention through personalization. 


The art & ethics of engagement

Jakob Kalbfell - Partner Development, Google Play

Georgina Powell - CEO & Co-founder, Phone Life Balance

Amit Hammer - CEO, Neura

Kieran Cornwall - Technical director, Sparta Global

In this panel we will discuss the art and ethics of app engagement, reflecting on how developers should influence user behaviour in ways aligned with human needs and values.  


Closing remarks & happy hour