Past Webinars

9 September 2020

Getting Started with G Suite

New to G Suite? Find out where to start with Google’s basic apps and how they can make life in education easier and better! Learn about what G Suite tools are available and how these can be used to facilitate distance learning. We’ll look at getting started with GSuite and setting work for students, how you can post resources and videos for students as well as how Google tools can be used daily to check in with students and parents.

16 September 2020

Preparing for Learning: How To Share Teaching Resources and Collaborate On Planning Documents with Google Drive

One of the most powerful features of G Suite is that multiple people can work together on documents. Learn how to use Drive to create, share, and organize resources. Create, share, and collaborate on docs to transform your teaching and admin tasks. This session will provide some tips and tricks on how to structure your planning for learning and collaborate with your colleagues in order to improve your efficiency as a teacher.

23 September 2020

Beyond Our School Walls: Google Classroom as a Community Schooling Tool

School leaders, teachers and students around the world have quickly had to adapt to new ways of teaching and learning, often with little time and training. In this webinar for educators we look at specific ways in which you prepare for a hybrid or blended learning classroom. Meaning that even if students are not physically present, you will still be able to deliver the curriculum, give supportive feedback and check in on students through G Suite and Google Classroom.

30 September 2020

Google Sites: Create a Central Hub for Learning

Learn how Google Sites can become the central place for learning resources, taking your learners on a journey through a project, simplifying information for parents and helping you as a teacher stay organised!

7 October 2020

Simplifying Assessment and Feedback with G Suite

Educators need quick and easy tools to reduce their workload and streamline their marking. Learn how to use Google Forms for auto-marking and to provide personalised feedback to students. And explore the advanced features of Classroom, such as rubrics and the comment bank, that empower teachers to provide meaningful feedback.

13 October 2020

Connecting with Learners and Parents with Google Meet

Video conferencing is the perfect solution to connecting with students, staff and parents in a distance context. This session is deep dive into the ins and outs of hosting a video call, recording meeting, live streaming, adding guests and meet best practice. Panelists would include experienced trainers, teachers and business owners. Some of the schools have used Meet for school wide gatherings and more. Their experience would be inspiring for others.

14 October 2020

Improving Writing Using G Suite

Learn about peer editing, tracking revisions, having learners' writing read aloud to them, giving feedback through text and voice comments, the integrated research tools and citation tools, thesaurus add-on, and more. With the power of Google Docs you can help every learner become a better writer!

20 October 2020

Create Interactive Learning Experiences with Google Slides

One of the most versatile and core education tools in G Suite is Google Slides. This session will cover the ins and outs of presenting on Slides as well as key tips for creating interactive learning activities with slides. Attendees will leave inspired and armed with a host of great design tips and resources. Panelists will include teachers with extensive experience creating assessments and presentations on Google Slides as well as design experts and experienced presenters.

27 October 2020

Host Class Discussions, Whiteboard Demonstrations and more with Slides, Jamboard and Meet

One of the primary challenges teachers have had in the teach from home shift is replicating Classroom infrastructure. Combining Meet, Slides and Jamboard is a powerful solution for instructing learners remotely. Attendees will learn how to collaborate and share content in Jamboard as well as gain a host of activity ideas and practical tips and tricks. Panelists will include teachers delivering lessons daily on Meet, as well as certified trainers and Meet hardware specialists.

3 November 2020

Maximising G Suite for Education in low bandwidth scenarios

Within the African context many students and teachers are accessing G Suite with limited Bandwidth.This session covers top tips to optimise G Suite when connectivity is limited. We will cover setting up offline access, hosting content on YouTube and changing meet settings. We will also look at how to design learning activities for mobile devices and how to structure learning for intermittent connectivity. Panelists will include admin console experts as well as certified trainers and business solution specialists.

4 November 2020

Supporting Learners with Special Needs in G Suite for Education 

There are many tools, apps, extensions, and features available for Google Chrome to assist learners with special needs. This can include learners with vision or hearing impairments, or challenges with reading, writing, organization, and more. Learn what tools are available and how to access and use these with learners.

11 November 2020

Travel the World Virtually Using G Suite

Tired of being stuck in one place? Take your learners on a journey around Africa and the world using Google Earth, Arts & Culture, and Tour Creator. Find easy-to-use lesson ideas and resources that will expand your children’s horizons and knowledge.

18 November 2020

Student Engagement Through Gamification and Visual Learning

Are you struggling to engage your students? Learn how to gamify your learning and make it fun with dynamic, visually relevant tools. Teachers will see learning with technology as dynamic, active, and motivational and walk away with practical, easy-to-implement ideas.

3rd February 2021

Training, Preparing and Supporting Teachers In Their G Suite for Education Journey

Learn how easy it is to train and upskill teachers in their journey of technology integration, how you can support teachers at your school and what an important role parent-teacher collaborations play in this process. Learn about Google Certifications and how these badges can help teachers on their ed tech journey.