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The Check Up was first aired at 9:00am PT on February 4th, 2021 

You can watch The Check Up at

Captioning will be available on live content in English. Spanish and ASL translations will also be available at after the event.


The Check Up is a virtual event, hosted by Google Health. It's an opportunity to learn more about the work that Google Health is doing to help everyone live their healthiest lives.

Yes, please share the video link as it is open to all.

You can learn more about Google Health at

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Try updating the Quality settings on the YouTube controls near the bottom of the content window. 

A CC icon will be visible on the bottom right of the player. To turn on closed captions, tap the CC icon. To turn off closed captions, tap the CC icon again. 

Please check the bottom left hand corner of the YouTube video to see if you may have accidentally muted the video. YouTube remembers the last setting for your volume when you previously watched a YouTube video. 

Try refreshing or reloading the page to see if it works, or if you have too many applications or other video windows open, try closing them. If the issue persists, open up YouTube on another browser and check if you can view other YouTube videos. If you are not able to view other YouTube videos, this means there may be some issues with watching YouTube videos on your machine. If you are able to view other YouTube videos, search for our event in the YouTube search bar. 

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