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Tell Your Story Online
Learn how to promote a business by enhancing its web presence, and create engaging content for potential customers.
Tap into consumer insights and measure your success online.
One hour seminar with our expert trainer.

Reach New Customers Online
Make a business more discoverable online so customers can find you. And understand how to use online marketing to extend reach.
One hour seminar with our expert trainer.

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Know Your Business With Google Analytics
Learn about the importance of digital analytics and how to use a tool such as Google Analytics to collect data, understand insights and create goals for your business (advanced)
One hour seminar with our expert trainer.

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The Digital Garage Special Events Series

Further your digital skills with help from Digital Garage industry experts.  

Join us for exclusive deep dive sessions on topics such as Adwords, Social Media and Search Visibility delivered by Google employees and our expert partner network.


Come in for a chat with one of our experts
In our 1:1 mentoring sessions, we can answer your questions and help you get more out of digital marketing.
Choose a one hour slot with a one of our mentors.

You can choose from a wide range of lessons at The Digital Garage online. Open up the world of online advertising with new skills and ideas to put in practice.
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