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Kiker Learning

Rich Kiker, CEO  |  @rkiker

This 6-week product training series  covers beginner and more-advanced content on a core subset of G Suite for Education tools, including Meet, Classroom, Docs, Forms, Slides, and Sites.

On Tuesday and Thursday of each week we host  "Kickstart" and "Next Level" sessions to provide a variety of beginner and more advanced training -  sign up here if you haven't already. Sessions start at 10am PST, with each week focusing the products listed below.  

  • Week of May 5: Google Meet
  • Week of May 12: Google Classroom
  • Week of May 19: Google Docs
  • Week of May 26: Google Forms
  • Week of June 9: Google Slides
  • Week of June 16: Google Sites

Session Resources

We'll continue to add resources to the sections below as we host the "Thrive with Five" training session on Edu OnAir. If you don't see any resources listed, it just means that we have yet to host the session. To view the schedule (and register!), click here

Meet Resources

Sessions hosted on May 5th and May 7th

Docs Resources

Sessions hosted on May 19th and May 21st

Forms Resources

Sessions hosted on May 26th and May 28th

Slides Resources

Sessions hosted on June 9th and June 11th

Sites Resources

Sessions hosted on June 16th and June 18th