Apigee’s API Jam is a hands-on workshop that will jumpstart your API program. Our experts will walk you through five lab exercises that will help you design, secure, and analyze APIs that developers love. API developers, architects, and business people who want to build a successful API program, this workshop is for you!

Workshop Agenda

Apigee Essentials

  • API management use cases in the cloud era
  • Introduction to Apigee Edge
  • Understand relationships between developers, apps, proxies and APIs
  • Building world-class APIs and developer experiences
  • Monitor, analyze and monetize APIs

Hands-on Lab Exercises

  • Lab 1: Design and create an API proxy

  • Lab 2: Secure your API with an API key

  • Lab 3: Create and publish an API product

  • Lab 4: Help app developers consume your API product

  • Lab 5: Throttling API traffic

More advance sessions

Join us for the Virtual API Jam - Security, where you can follow along with product experts as they help you throttle, protect and secure your APIs, by utilizing modern security principles like OAuth 2.0 and JWT. Check out the detailed agenda here.