Googlers and Webmaster Product Experts from the community will be facilitating the following sessions.

How can ads impact/not impact your SEO?

  • Tell us about your experience with Ads and SEO
  • What makes people believe that Ads affect SEO?
  • Who's spreading this? Where is it coming from?

Google recently updated the help document on Google Discover.

In this session, attendees can learn about tips to increase their presence in Discover.

There are many ways to improve CWV. Some of them are easy to implement but some of them aren't.

In this session, attendees can learn about the optimization of CWV that is relatively easy to implement while showing noticeable improvements.

  • What ways are there to gather details?
  • How do you access them currently?
  • What do the metrics mean for you / your site?
  • What aspects confuse you or don't work for your situation?

This is aimed at mid-level and advanced users.

  • Why is it important to find the gaps
  • What's truly at risk when prioritizing fixes
  • How do you combine information from different Google products to understand how your site is doing?
  • How do you set goals for your site and translate them to specific metrics to track
  • If you maintain sites for clients, what key metrics are they interested in and how do you share those with them?
  • Do you have to educate clients on how to set goals for their site?
  • If you use Site Kit, what can we do to make your life easier?

Let's talk about JavaScript and SEO.

We would love to discuss which kinds of problems you see often and exchange ideas how to tackle common issues

The Search Console team invites you all to a brainstorming session where we want to hear about your day-to-day challenges with publishing on the open web and try to think together of additional tools we can provide to help with these challenges.

E-commerce stores come in all shapes and sizes -from commercial platforms such as Magento, Prestashop or WooCommerce, to custom-built and enterprise ones, online shops often face challenges coming up with the right SEO setup.

This session will cover common issues, solutions and best practices that developers, webmasters and SEOs should keep in mind when building and optimizing e-commerce sites.

Bring your CrUX tools and show off how you use the dataset to understand real-user experiences. For any custom solutions, describe how you built it and what your feature wishlist looks like.

In this session, we want to talk about

  • Ramifications of neglecting accessibility Testing at-scale
  • Prioritizing fixes
  • Accessibility and JavaScript in general

Taking a look at the different approaches to specifying hrefLang (tag, header, sitemaps)

  • When should you use them?
  • When shouldn't you?
  • What issues do people experience?

How can we improve documentation to help SEOs to beginners to developers?

Bring examples and suggestions! Are case studies helpful / how do you use them?

  • Are you confused on what mobile first indexing is?
  • Do you feel lost on how to prepare your site for it?
  • Bring your questions!

We'll help to address your confusions.

I think Google's messages & information about SEO are getting better & clearer, but we often get flak for being vague.

How can we improve in ways that help the average person?

Bring examples & suggestions!

Policy updates: How do monetized policy changes change your experience?

Our policies are constantly evolving. How can we convey updates to you in a way you can understand?

Timeline: We've gone from site level to page level (granular policies and enforcement) - to restrictions - how can we make your life easier/fairer as a partner?

Policy communication: Are our Policy documentation and training materials clear? What are we missing? Bring your ideas!

Show and tell! We bring a few examples:

  • Robots.txt diff checker - automated!
  • Mixed content warnings - identifying assets per page

Google documents guidelines for a gallery of rich results that you can obtain via structured data. This is an opportunity to talk about your struggles to enable those sought after enhancements and to discuss possible improvements.