Join us for Web Stories: Next-level content creation for the modern web

The Google Web Creators community is excited to introduce you to Web Stories, a powerful new way to tell your stories and grow your audience. With this web-based version of the popular Story format you can engage your audience like never before. Create richer, more intimate, and meaningful experiences that connect – all while hosting, owning, and sharing on your own terms.

To learn more about this exciting format, apply to attend this workshop, and check out the introduction to Web Stories between now and the event.

During the event, we'll share:

  • All the tools and resources you have at your disposal – both online and within the Google Web Creators community – to thrive on the web.

  • The evolution of modern storytelling on the web and how Web Stories can help you grow your audience with rich, immersive content. 

  • Web Story editors and how to use them by starting your own Web Story in real time with the help of a Google expert. 

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