In today’s multi-cloud world where APIs are everywhere, many organizations are looking for hybrid API management that allows you to host your runtime anywhere--in your data center or any public cloud. Apigee hybrid (beta) provides a single, full-featured API management solution across all your environments, while giving you control over your data.

In this webcast, we’ll be going over the following capabilities of Apigee hybrid:

  • Customer-managed runtime plane for all API traffic and an Apigee-hosted management plane for API lifecycle management
  • API design, security, publishing, analytics, and developer portals
  • Containerized deployment of the runtime in the environment of your choice
  • Asynchronous communication between the runtime and management plane

Join Nandan Sridhar for a webcast to see Apigee hybrid in a hands-on demo session and to learn the specific use cases where you can leverage these options.

Meet the Speaker


Nandan Sridhar

Product Manager,    Google Cloud