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Trends in Search 2020 (EN)

Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate, Google Zurich


Location-based information matters in Google Search (SK)

Adam Križan, Business Development Consultant, Globema

We will start with advising you what to do to overcome the grey map on your website and we will smoothly transit to show you how important is to have your up-to-date information listed in Google My Business and what common mistakes you should avoid.


Deep Dive into Google Search Console  (EN)

Nati Yosephian, FE Software Engineer, Google Tel Aviv

In this talk you'll dive into some of the new and advanced features in Google Search Console, and you'll see some advanced features in the URL and code inspection tools that will help you test your site.


Local case study - Cyberchaos and subdomains (CZ)

Luděk Pulicar, Head of SEO, Heureka.cz 

Zdeněk Nešpor, SEO specialist, Heureka.cz 

Heureka has always been associated with subdomains and their massive advantages in the basic structure of the website. Myths and disinformation ralated with this went far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. We will show you how the reality is uncompromising in 2020 and we will talk about information, practical procedures and internal tools.


Coffee Break


Webmaster quiz


Lighthouse Performance Tooling (EN)

Elizabeth Sweeny, Product Manager, Google Mountain View

Paul Irish, Software Engineer, Google Mountain View

You will learn about the importance of speed on business outcomes, how to approach leveraging Lighthouse at various stages of development, and how to get started with improving your site speed.


Local case study - AMP on Lékárna.cz (CZ)

Tomáš Rychlík, PHP Developer, Pears Health Cyber s.r.o.

Talk about AMP technology on the e-shop Lékárna.cz. Technical issues and decision making during implementation. What to watch out for and what is a trap.


Skills of the Future for Digital Challengers (SK)

Martina Sokolíková, Marketing Manager, Google Bratislava


 SEO mythbusting quiz 


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