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Join us for a two-hour live-streamed developer event, wherever you are; home, office, school. You will be able to test the new Android M Developer Preview announced at Google I/O and ask the Googlers who built it.


What do I need to be part of this event? It's simple:


  1. Click here to see the live stream or go to http://bit.ly/newandroidm.
  2. Set up the Android M development environment on your computer. Download it from https://developer.android.com/preview/
  3. Submit your questions to the Android team in the Android M Developer Preview community, or on Twitter using the hashtag #newandroidm.
  4. As you discover bugs, file them in the issue tracker. Also, star the bugs that have been reported and that you have experienced as well.
  5. Optional: Download Android M to your Nexus device; system images are here. This is useful for testing if Android L apps work on M.
  6. If you are running a viewing party, please post images in the Android M Developer Preview community, or on Twitter using the hashtag #newandroidm and including @AndroidDev.


What does this event look like?

You will be able to connect to a live video stream. Our Android experts, Chet Haase, Dan Sandler, Adam Powell, will start with a short introduction about what's new in Android. Then you will be able to submit your questions on Google+. The experts will pick questions and answer them in the video stream.


Do I have to register?

Yes, please register to attend this event. That way we can send you late-breaking updates.

Chet Haase

Chet is the lead of the UI Toolkit team in Android. His technology passion is graphics, whether it's animation libraries, performance, or graphical effects. In his spare time, he enjoys talking to developers about how things work, at events like this. And he likes talking about himself in the third person.

Dan Sandler

Dan is the lead software engineer on the Android System UI team, which is responsible for notifications, the status bar and settings, lock screen, and all the other beautiful pixels on your device that don't belong to any other app. Prior to Google, he worked on UI and apps at Palm and Be and briefly flirted with the whole indie software developer thing. Dan holds a PhD in computer science from Rice University.


Adam Powell

Adam helps make the little green robots in his job as Android framework engineer at Google. He has shipped a few mobile games, an online collectible tactics game, some browser-based game frameworks and around 15 API releases of Android.




05 Jun, 2015 15:00 - 05 Jun, 2015 17:00