YouTube Malaysia Ad Awards 2019

Over the years, we’ve witnessed Malaysian marketers redefine how they communicate with consumers through the art of video storytelling. From the heartwarming to the thought-provoking, and to the endeavor to tell the quintessential Malaysian story—we’ve seen how creative digital video content has driven equally powerful results.

YouTube Malaysia Ad Awards aims to recognise and champion the top creative minds producing some of the most innovative video campaigns in Malaysia.  

The winners of this year's competition will be announced during the YouTube Malaysia 2019 Re:View Party on 5th December.



Meet the Judges


Annemarieke De Haan

Managing Director

Unilever Malaysia & Singapore


Tan Kien Eng

Group CEO

Publicis One Malaysia


Eileen Ooi

Managing Director



Tai Kam Leong

Head of Brand



Karen Chan


AirAsia Group


Alvin Teoh

Executive Creative

Director Naga DDB


Vivy Yusof

Founder, dUCK Group

YouTube Creator 


Alieff Irfan

YouTube Creator

1 M+ subscribers


Rajay Singh


Directors Think Tank


15 Categories, 1 Grand Prize

The YouTube Malaysia Ad of the Year 2019 award recognises the best video ad campaign from the year. The winning campaign, selected from the 15 category winners by our panel of judges, will best demonstrate creative excellence on YouTube that drives deep engagement with Malaysian audiences.

By teaming up with talented Malaysian creators, brands can have more authentic conversations with their audiences. Recognising this growing trend, this award looks for effective creative collaboration between brand and creator(s). 

YouTube is not just for the veterans of the digital world. We have witnessed how brands that have recently embraced digital could rock a campaign and embrace the spirit of experiment and innovation. This award goes out to the brands that have just started their video journey on YouTube in the past two years and yet achieve significant results.  

As Malaysians, we are blessed to be able to celebrate many seasonal occasions cutting across a multitude of cultures. From Deepavali to Hari Raya & Ramadan, from Merdeka celebrations to Mother's Day, this award will recognize an advertiser with a deep understanding of the audience during a special occasion, and the ability to bring a Malaysian story to life through exceptional copywriting, creative direction, and flawless production. 

A testament to a great creative is being able to retain your audiences' attention over a period of time. This award seeks to recognize the best creative video campaign over two minutes long that evoke a deep emotional impact from the audience.

Can you tell a compelling story in 6 seconds? This award will be given to the most effective bumper ad that has the ability to drive a clear and an engaging message that keeps audiences wanting more.

As the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This award looks for the best advertiser that is able to tell multiple stories while making full use of the various YouTube ad and creative formats - all within a single campaign.

The world of video platforms has moved beyond brand awareness and into the age of ‘attentive view = action’. The award looks for campaigns that tap onto the power of video to drive their performance marketing objectives, and thus leading the industry by example. The submission should demonstrate a coherent strategy through all stages: from setting objectives and building creatives, to executing and measuring campaign results.

*A case video and/or Google Slides detailing the above criteria is required for this category.

Video storytelling is at its best when its able to inspire positive change and action in its viewers. In this category, we are looking for an outstanding ad campaign that does not just deliver a powerful social message to Malaysians at large, but compels them to take action to be good and to do good. Ad submissions from NGOs, charities and foundations are also welcomed.

This award will be given to the best ad by a company in the food and beverage industry.

This award will be given to the best ad by a company that has products and services in the personal care or health industry.

This award will be given to the best ad by a company that has financial products and services.

This award will be given to the best ad by a company in the retail and restaurant industry. This includes quick-service restaurant chains.

This award will be given to the best ad by a company that has products and/or services in the technology industry.

This award will be given to the best ad by a company that is in the telecommunications industry.

This award will be given to the best ad by a company that has products and services in the travel, transport, automotive or leisure industry.

How to Submit



11.59 PM

November 10th, 2019

Submission closes. Organisers begin screening to check eligibility.

November 14th onward

Judging Period

Jury panel begins to mark submissions online on an individual basis. Then, the panel will meet to determine the winners.

November 29th

Notification of shortlisted winners

Organisers will reach out to notify shortlisted campaigns.

December 5th

YouTube Malaysia 2019 Re:View Night

Announce winner and award prizes.


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