We have moved. 

Please go to the website below for the new and refreshed webinar program to learn how to use YouTube. 

YouTube Training

Completed - Advertising on YouTube & Google in COVID-19 Times

Thursday May 28 1PM

Do you want to boost your viewership on YouTube or promote your content and more? Learn the basics of Google advertising for your marketing needs and promotion. 

  • Who: Everyone
  • Difficulty: Easy



Completed - Production 101 | Creating Videos for YouTube

Friday June 5 1PM

Learn how to create videos for YouTube starting from what kind of equipment is best, scripting to set-up. 

  • Who: Everyone
  • Difficulty: Easy

Completed - YouTube 101 | Getting started, optimizing, monetizing

Tues Apr 28 1~2PM

This is a very basic session on how to set up your channel. 

  • Who: Everyone
  • Difficulty: Very basic - beginner material

Completed - YouTube Livestreaming in COVID-19 Times

Thursday Apr 30 1~2PM
Livestreaming here: youtu.be/7puLDxoy9xI

Learn the basics of YouTube livestreaming for your content. Going live is easy on YouTube! :)

  • Who: everyone 
  • Difficulty: Very basic - beginner material

YouTube Search & Discovery Mythbusting

(Weekly) Friday | Apr 24 1~2PM

Learn common myths around YouTube's discovery features: homepage feed, suggested videos, trending and more. 

  • Who: everyone 
  • Difficulty: easy

Completed - YouTube for Religious Organizations (Malay)

Thurs April 23 9:30 AM
  • Who: religious organizations 
  • Difficulty: very easy
Jin-Ah Yang | YouTube Partnerships

Completed - YouTube for Religious Organizations (English)

Mon Apr 20 13:00:00 2020
  • Who: religious organizations 
  • Difficulty: very easy

Completed - Maximizing the Power of Promotion on YouTube for Artists & Music Labels

Tuesday May 19 1PM

Learn the fundamentals of increasing your presence as a musician and a label on YouTube

  • Who: Everyone  - Musicians, labels 
  • Difficulty: Basic

Completed - Measuring your performance on YouTube Analytics

Thursday May 21 1PM

How do you know if your video performed well? What are seasonalities? Learn how to analyze your data around viewership, geography, revenue through YouTube Analytics.

  • Who: Everyone
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Completed - Going Global with YouTube, Using Translation Tools

Friday May 15 1PM

Learn how to use YouTube's internationalization features to reach multi-language audiences like captions, content and translation tools

  • Who: Everyone
  • Difficulty: Easy


Meet Your Instructors



Jin-Ah Yang

Content Partnerships Manager for Singapore & Malaysia  - has been with Google Marketing, YouTube operations, product and partnerships for 7+ years. 


Poonsak Sinthawat

Partner Operations Manager, SEA - worked on product & operations for over 4 years


Pablo Mendoza

Content Partnerships Manager for the Philippines - 10+ years helping large publishers, app developers, TV broadcasters and independent creators grow in the digital world


Eric Tan

Partner Operations Manager for News - responsible for news & information products on YouTube for the last 18 months, supporting Player for Publishers program.


Kit Pingkarawat

Music Partnerships Manager - SEA  
Has worked with music labels and Artists for 6 years


Qianwen Lin

Partner Technology Manager - SEA  
Qianwen is a veteran YouTube technology expert  who has been enabling with top broadcasters, publishers on complex integrations. 


Raj Lahiri 

APAC Top Creator Program Manager