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Google Audience Solutions

Learn to use a structured approach; identify, re-engage, expand, to master audience solutions. ‘Identify’; pinpoint your audiences using Google Analytics and the new Google Ads experience. ‘Re-engage’; master remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) with best practices. ‘Expand’; we’ll show you how to find new relevant audiences.

Prepping for the Holidays - Audience Solutions

This is the third in a series of four episodes designed to help you make the most of the upcoming holiday season. This week, we’ll be focusing on audience solutions. Learn how to engage new customers and increase loyalty amongst existing customers across the Google network. By the end of the episode, you’ll know how to develop and implement the perfect strategy for Search, Display, Shopping, and YouTube campaigns.

Build Customised Experiences with Automation

Automation is an intelligent and effortless way to expand your customer base and drive more conversions. This episode will bring you through Google's suite of automation features, to help you find the perfect solution. Learn how to increase visibility for your products through Display or Shopping campaigns, drive new leads to your offline business or promote your app across Google.

Reach the right customers with Smart Bidding

The quickest path to a customer's heart is to be there for them in their moment of need. Smart Bidding makes intelligent bid adjustments on your behalf, making it easier for you to reach the right customer, with the right message, at the right time. This episode will bring you through a simple and flexible approach to improving ROI through intelligent automation.

Simplify and amplify with machine learning

Machine learning is transforming the way that we do business. When you automate routine tasks, it frees up time to focus on long-term planning and strategy. In this episode, we'll demonstrate how businesses like yours are leveraging machine learning to simplify campaign management and reach their business goals.


A lot of people are talking about Machine Learning, but what does it mean exactly? Learn how Machine Learning will shape different industries and disciplines and discover how Google is planning on using it to help customers in the coming years. 


Learn how to use automation to enhance and manage your search campaigns. New insights can help you plan and execute your bidding strategy. We’ll go over how to plan and measure the impact of smart bidding tools such as: eCPC, Target CPA, Max Conversions and Target ROAS.

Prepping for the Holidays - Automation

This is the second in a series of four episodes designed to help you make the most of the upcoming holiday season. In this episode we’ll bring you through Automation and Bidding, and how you can use them to streamline your campaigns and maximise performance during the most important time of the retail year.

How to Build a Successful Mobile Strategy in 2018

Mobile is essential in 2018. So you’ll need a mobile strategy for your brand that’s in tune with all the latest trends. We’ll help you optimize your mobile assets and give you tips on how to handle mobile bids with Smart Bidding. Plus, we’ll give you the inside track on how to measure on mobile, using tools like Non-last-click attribution.

The Importance of Mobile Performance

Consumers are now mobile first. Companies need to deliver to their needs. Mobile performance is key; brands must offer a pleasant experience to their mobile users. During this session we will go over tools such as Test My Site and Lighthouse, which offer quick and easy-to-use reports on key mobile performance issues.


This is the last episode in a four-part series designed to help you convert seasonal traffic into conversions. This week, we'll be sharing some last minute optimisation tips that will help you get your Search Campaigns in front of as many seasonal shoppers as possible. Tune in to make sure that your ads are ready to perform during the most important part of the retail year.

Prepping for the Holidays - Smart Shopping Campaigns

This is the first in a series of four episodes designed to help you make the most of the upcoming holiday season. This episode covers the newly launched Shopping Campaigns (goal-optimised), which simplify campaign management, maximise conversion value, and extend your reach.