Build customised experiences with automation

Automation is an intelligent and effortless way to expand your customer base and drive more conversions. This episode will bring you through Google's suite of automation features, to help you find the perfect solution. Learn how to increase visibility for your products through Display or Shopping campaigns, drive new leads to your offline business or promote your app across Google.

March 7th

Thu Mar 7 12:00 PM 2019

Drive Quality Leads with Google Ads

The ability to generate consistent, high-quality leads is often the mark of a successful business. This episode will share some best practices for using Google Ads to identify and obtain high quality leads, including how to drive traffic, increase sales and re-engage customers . We'll also demonstrate how to measure your data through the right lens, and how to leverage offline conversion imports to validate your new leads.

March 21st

Thu Mar 21 12:00 PM 2019

Fundamentals of app promotion

For app advertisers, promotion, expansion and engagement are the key ingredients for success. Google's app solutions offer you a streamlined way to showcase your app across Search, Display, YouTube and Play, so you can target each channel simply and effectively. You'll also learn how to drive installs, increase engagement and accurately measure your success.

April 4th

Thu Apr 4 12:00 PM 2019