9:30 am


Registration will take place on the Ground Floor at the Reception Desk. You will then be escorted by Google team member to the workshop room, Townhall on floor 9.

Reception Desk, Ground Floor, Google, Central Saint Giles, 1 St Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8AG

10:00 am

Welcome Announcements

Meeting Room Townhall

10:15 am


Meeting Room Townhall

10:30 am

Ad Manager API Best Practices

30min • Thang Duong, Developer Advocate

Want to learn the fastest ways to get support from Google’s Ad Manager API team? Have you ever run into a problem trying to run a report that’s too large? This talk is full of tips and techniques that will answer these questions and others so that you get the most our of your API integration.

Meeting Room Townhall

11:00 am

Interactive Colab Session

45min • Donovan McMurray, Developer Programs Engineer

Colaboratory (or Colab for short) is a free Jupyter notebook environment that requires no setup and runs entirely in the cloud. In this session, we’ll first cover the basics of Jupyter notebooks and talk about how Colab makes collaborative data analysis as easy as sharing a Google Doc. Then the rest of the session will be spent working on a sample Colab notebook that analyzes LineItem performance based on different targeting configurations. 

Meeting Room Townhall

11:45 am


1 hour 15min

Meeting Room Townhall

1:00 pm

Optimizing GPT for Faster Loading Pages and Ads

60min • Beng Eu, Software Engineer & Jon Burger, Software Engineer

A deep dive into optimizing setups consisting of Google Publisher Tags (GPT) and demand partners outside of Ad Manager. Expect code examples, live demos and hands-on opportunities with Chrome DevTools, WebPageTest and a new tool: Publisher Ads Audits for Lighthouse.

Meeting Room Townhall

2:00 pm

Testing Creative Speed

30min • Chris Seeley, Developer Programs Engineer 

The new Ad Speed reports display a snapshot of your network's ad serving speed. But how can you proactively monitor ad speed before ads serve? This talk shows how to use Lighthouse and the Ad Manager API to programmatically check load times, resource usage, and take screenshots of creatives.   

Meeting Room Townhall

2:30 pm




2:45 pm

Ad Manager API Use Case Highlights

30min • Donovan McMurray, Developer Programs Engineer 

Publishers are increasingly relying on the Ad Manager API for business critical workflows. This talk will take a high-level look at some common and interesting use cases we’ve seen developers build, and hopefully spark your imagination for ways you can upgrade your own Ad Manager API integrations.

Meeting Room Townhall

3:15 pm

Q&A Panel with Speakers

30min • Google Team 

This is your chance to ask any remaining questions you have to all of our workshop speakers. If you have any questions that weren’t covered in the workshop sessions, this panel discussion is the perfect time to ask them. 

Meeting Room Townhall

3:45 pm

Feedback & Raffle 


Meeting Room Townhall

4:00 pm

Networking Hour 


Wrap up the day mingling with the speakers and the other attendees, enjoying food, drinks, and new connections.   

Meeting Room Townhall