AI Workshop is an ongoing technology program to test experiments that our AI researchers and engineers publish on a continuous basis. 

It is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing engagement subject to availability. Each experiment in AI Workshop is run independently and not a generally available product offering. 

AI Workshop experiments are not the same as supported Cloud AI Products. They are developed from the frontiers of research problems, and do not come with any guarantees of availability, performance, or support.

We do not recommend that you use them for production or performance-critical deployments. They also are offered free of charge, though there may be charged for other resources used to deploy them.

Email us at: ai-workshop-external@google.com

Experiment Applications

As AI Workshop experiments are supported directly by the AI researchers themselves, access to each is limited. Researchers are eager to offer their technology to use cases where it will add value, but need time to carefully review each application. 

Due to capacity considerations, it is possible to remain on the waitlist for differing lengths of time, either until the use case has been evaluated or additional space becomes available.

Each experiment publisher has to evaluate submitted use cases on a first come, first serve basis. Multiple submissions for different experiments at the same time are not evaluated together so decisions are made independently.

Selection & Onboarding

You will get notified via email and you can always check your experiment portal at any time throughout the process.

We'll send you an email with the product documentation once the experiment status has changed to access granted on my experiments. From there, you can begin trying out the experiment.

The private technical documentation should is available to accepted customers only. You should have received a link in your welcome email. It can also be found on the asset page for your respective experiment on AI Hub.