GNI University Verification Challenge

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The Google News Initiative is launching a University Verification Challenge across Asia to celebrate International Fact-Checking Day. The challenge will raise awareness and increase verification knowledge among students, running across two weeks in 7 languages (English, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Thai).

Students can register as teams of three to participate. After the challenge, students and journalists alike can level up their verification skills through workshops that will be conducted in multiple languages across the region.

The quizzes and the subsequent workshops will be run jointly with our partners across Asia, working together hand-in-hand to educate future journalists and fact-checkers on the importance of verifying content before publishing. 

The GNI University Verification Challenge call-to-register is from April 1-9, 2021. The quizzes will run between Apr 12-23, 2021.  

Update: Registration has closed

Watch the quizzes here


1) Does my team get a certificate just from completing this challenge?
No. This is a fun challenge to build basic knowledge on fact-checking. Think of it as a fun activity to do with friends and not as an assignment!

2) I am a novice when it comes to fact-checking. Is this challenge difficult?
Not at all! This is a simple fact-check challenge consisting of easy quizzes. It is meant for beginners who are new to fact-checking. Anyone can do it!

3) How does this challenge work?
The six quizzes will air live on YouTube, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday over the course of 2 weeks. Details will be sent to your team leader’s email once you have registered.
Every quiz video consists of a short tutorial on how to use a fact-checking tool. At the end of the video, the quiz and submissions form will be shown.
You have one day to submit your answer via the link provided in the quiz video. We will air the solution to the quiz on YouTube the following day. So do keep a lookout in your inbox for more information!

4) Are there any specific rules for this challenge?
Since this is meant for amateur fact-checkers, we are opening it to students only. It would not be fair to have professional fact-checkers and journalists pitted against students who are new to verification concepts!
Other than that, just remember to submit your answers on time. We are not professors so we won’t be grading your team. We will share with you at the end of the challenge how teams performed overall based on the submissions received.
Relax and have fun because fact-checking can be really addictive if you are nerds just like us!

5) I would like it if you can provide us with a tougher challenge. WIll you have anything else beyond this challenge?
After this challenge ends, we will have verification workshops for you to polish your knowledge. We will take a short summer break once the workshop concludes and come back with more exciting programming since you and your team members have completed the workshops, and have become skilled detectives!
Stay up-to-date on this website and we will provide more information periodically.

6) Can I join this challenge alone?
We won’t say no but we do encourage you to join as a team. It can be very lonely to complete the quizzes solo. =(
If you don’t have three team members, and you only got one BFF to accompany you, that is okay too!

7) Will there be prizes given out?
No sadly there isn’t. All we have is a pat on the back, and the knowledge that you are now one step closer to becoming a master detective!