Time Agenda Topic Speaker
10.00am - 10.30am Keynote and Introduction Ankit Gupta
10.30am - 11.00am How do you build a good quality app? Mayur
11:00am - 11:15am Break  
11:15am - 11:45am What app categories should developers be focusing on? Mayur
11:45am-12:15pm When should one start monetizing their app?  Mayur
12:15pm-1:00pm AdMob for Newbies Adele Zucchi
1:00pm-1:45pm Lunch
1:45pm - 3:00pm Our ad formats: Interstitials, Native Advanced, and Rewarded Prateek Bajaj
3:00pm-3:30pm Mediation and Open Bidding Shikhar Mathur
3:30pm-4:00pm AdMob Policy and Best Practices Prateek Bajaj
4:00pm-4:30pm User growth and retention Umang Bhatia
4:30pm-5:00pm Challenges faced by our developers in India AdMob team