Google Cloud is hosting Cloud Hero events at Universities across the United States.

Cloud Hero is an interactive cloud, infrastructure, and big data experience. Players become familiar with key Google Cloud Platform solutions, and gain cloud skills through a hands-on competition with prizes.

During this 3 hour session, students will hear the Google Cloud team share why cloud solutions are integral to a career, get access to further learning and career opportunities for a cloud-first world, and play to become a Cloud Hero. Cloud Hero is played through Qwiklabs, an interactive lab-type environment in which to experience Google Cloud Platform.

We’re visiting the following schools this Fall. See your school on this list? Or do you want to bring Cloud Hero to your University? Click the “I'm Interested” button for next steps.

Boston University - Oct. 2, 2019

Michigan Tech - Oct. 12, 2019

Santa Clara University - Oct. 21, 2019

University of Florida - Nov. 6, 2019

UC Davis - Nov. 19, 2019

Rose-Hulman - Dec. 12, 2019

Penn State - Oct. 6, 2019

Seattle U - Oct. 18, 2019

University of Virginia - Oct. 26, 2019

University of Tennessee - Nov. 8, 2019

Texas A&M - Nov. 22, 2019