We would like to invite you to the Google Computational Imaging Workshop.

Computational Imaging aims to produce visual representations of data and physical processes that are beyond the direct reach of the measuring devices at hand. Examples range from mobile imaging, to microscopy in biological and materials imaging; and much more. Many thousands of papers, books, and no small amount of science fiction has been dedicated to these questions. The promise of better images without bigger, heavier, slower, and more expensive systems has massive implications for both consumer imaging and scientific discovery. This workshop will bring together key researchers from academia, and Google to exchange ideas and forge new collaborations. 


When and where

Mon Feb 3 - Tues Feb 4, 2020
Google Building 1055 - 1055 Joaquin Road, Mountain View, CA 94043

Questions? Email computational-imaging-workshop@google.com.

Organized by: Peyman Milanfar, Bill Freeman, and Google University Relations

Community Guidelines

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