Meet our speakers


Kai Zhou

Developer Advocate, Google


Topic: Deepdive on ARCore's new features

Kai Zhou focuses on advocation ARCore SDK in APAC, helping Google partners integrate ARCore features into their products.


Arwa Lokhandwala

Full Stack Developer, Telstra


Topic: How to go about your web performance journey

Arwa is a Full Stack Developer and an enthusiastic tech patron who loves exploring new things going around in Web & Mobile development. She is a WTM Ambassador for GDG Singapore.


Marcel Pinto

Developer Advocate, Google


Topic: From Widgets to App Actions with Google Assistant

Marcel is an Android Developer Advocate based in Singapore working with Partners in Southeast Asia to deliver better and smaller apps.


Galuh Sahid

Data Engineer,


Topic: Machine Learning on the Web

Galuh is a data engineer at Gojek who is passionate about both data and the web.


Saurabh Arora

Android Engineering Lead,
Rakuten Viki
[Android GDE]


Topic: Platform, AppCompat, and now, Material

Saurabh is an Android GDE and a Senior Engineer on the Android Team at Viki, Singapore where he works on both their mobile and TV apps.


Su Myat Htun

Lead Android Developer, Wave Money


Topic: Exploring Android Jetpack architecture components

Su Myat is the Lead Android Developer at Wave Money, the leading mobile financial services provider in Myanmar. She is also a WTM Ambassador for GDG Yangon.


Weiyuan Liu

Full Stack Engineer, Rakuten Viki


Topic: Doing more with Server(less) - Speedrun with GCP (App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, IAM)

Weiyuan is an engineer at Rakuten Viki, and an organiser at GDG Cloud Singapore. He uses Google Cloud at work, and for fun (sometimes).


Kyrmyzy Kaliyeva

Mobile Software Engineer, Cartrack


Topic: Kotlin Native vs React Native

Kira is a Kotlin lover, she works as a Mobile Software Engineer at Cartrack.


Hassan Abid

Lead Software Engineer, BeLive

[Android GDE]


Topic: What's new with Android 10

Hassan has been a Google Developers Expert for Android since 2016. He is currently based in Singapore, Where he works as Lead Software Engineer for a company called BeLive which provides Live Streaming services.


Betty Tsai

Program Specialist, Google


Topic: Insider perspective from a Google technical recruiter: Crafting your winning resume and acing your interviews

Betty is a Program Specialist at Google, where she manages technical talent scouting for Google's Next Billion User (NBU) program.


Aseem Wangoo

Senior Software Engineer, PsLove


Topic: Flutter for beginners

Aseem is a Senior Software Engineer at PsLove, he is a Flutter enthusiast that enjoys sharing his experience of tackling states in Flutter


Divya Gehlot

DS Tech Manager for APAC, JLL


Topic: IoT Data Analytics In Google Cloud

Divya has passion for solutioning and developing Data Analytics application using BigData and Cloud technologies , played with wide variety of data which include Telco, financial , IOT datasets . She is a Co-Founder and Head of Curriculum at BigDataX (one of the prominent data community in Singapore ).


Jason Choo

Tech Lead, PsLove


Topic: How PsLove used Flutter with Firebase in production at scale

Jason is a Tech Lead at PsLove, certified ScrumMaster and certified Google Cloud engineer. He has been using Flutter in production at scale for more than a year.


Lim Shang Yi

Senior Software Development Engineer, IdealHub


Topic: Building a social media wall serverlessly with Firebase

Shang Yi is a software developer that jumps on new technology on the first chance. Currently he is working on React, Node, Javascript, and Flutter. He is a Google Developer Expert in Firebase, and also the Google Developer Groups KL Organizer. Sometimes, he gets distracted by random stuff ranging from DIY projects to creepypastas.


Julius Uy

Engineering Manager, Rakuten Viki


Topic: Scientific Leadership

Julius is the head of the Mobile Apps and TV engineering teams in Rakuten Viki. His team works on various projects on iOS and Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Google Play Instant, Google Home, Chromecast, Chromebooks, and Smart Displays. Their work was featured on Google I/O, WWDC, Android Developer Story, Editor's Choice, Android Excellence, and in several news sites and tech blogs.


Preston Lim

Software Engineer, Open Government Products


Topic: ColouriseSG: Bringing black and white photos to life using GANs

Preston is a software engineer at Open Government Products. He has worked on several products in the Singapore Government including ColouriseSG, Isomer - a government site builder, and Vault - a data sharing platform.


Stepan Goncharov

Engineering Manager, Grab


Topic: Compile Kotlin Project with Bazel

Stepan is the Engineering Manager at Grab. He also runs the Kotlin Singapore User Group community, actively uses Rx, and spends more and more time contributing to OSS.He has experience as an QA, Product Manager, Marketer and more, and has been engineering apps and games on Android since 2008.


Shang Liang

Senior Technical Program Manager, Twitter


Topic: IoT with ESP32 & Android Bluetooth BLE

Shang Liang applies his creativity and programming skills in the advertising industry. He codes websites, mobile apps and interactive installations. He spends most of his energy finding new/better ways to solve problems.


Martin Andrews

Co-Founder, Red Dragon AI


Topic: Faces in the Browser using TensorFlow.js

Martin has a PhD in Machine Learning, and has been an Open Source advocate since 1999. After a career in finance (based in London and New York), he decided to follow his original passion, and now works on Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence full-time in Singapore. Martin is co-organiser of the Singapore TensorFlow and Deep Learning group and is a regular speaker at events in the region.


Sam Witteveen

Co-Founder, Red Dragon AI


Topic: TensorFlow for Flutter

Sam is a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning. He has extensive experience in AI, startups and mobile applications and is helping developers and organizations create smarter applications with machine learning. He is especially passionate about Deep Learning and AI in the fields of Natural Language and conversational agents. Sam regularly shares his knowledge at events and trainings across the world and is co-organiser of the Singapore TensorFlow and Deep Learning group.


Vaibhavi Desai

Program Specialist, Google


Topic: #IAmRemarkable Workshop

Vaibhavi is leading Machine Learning & Women Techmakers programs for Southeast Asia region as a part of Developer Relations team. Being one of the Google Women Techmakers scholars herself, she's passionate about mentoring women in tech, as a part of her current role at Google as well as hobby projects. 


Hien Mai

Senior Analyst (Google Assistant), Google


Topic: Machine Learning Bias and where to find them

Hien Mai is a Senior Analyst in the Assistant team at Google.

ML Fairness is one of her interest areas as part of her work. She has done tests on models built to find racial, gender, nationality biases and realise these are known bias very difficult to improve.