Why should you join?

Join Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc. and Jacques van den Broek, CEO of Randstad for a day-long event dedicated to digitisation, emerging technology, new jobs and future skills. We will hear from a range of leading Dutch and international speakers about best practice examples that have succeeded in turning future tech into local opportunity. A report from McKinsey & Company on the Future of Work in the Netherlands and other Digital Frontrunner countries will be presented at the conference and provide the backdrop for our discussion.

As advances in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics make headlines, debate rages on whether innovation is a panacea for an aging workforce or will result in job losses. What we do know is that future generations will work alongside machines in new ways. Tasks performed by humans will be complemented and in some cases replaced by technology. The potential for economic growth and societal benefit is vast but future gain will be determined by choices made today. 

Practical solutions for the future of work are needed now more than ever. The Digital Frontrunner countries of Europe, such as the Netherlands (BCG 2016) - can benefit substantially from emerging technology thanks to a highly skilled population, innovative businesses and strong social safety nets. However, the Netherlands also risks lagging behind in the race to the digital top. The challenge is to embrace the future with confidence and move quickly to identify solutions that will release the full potential of digital; creating jobs, economic growth and better societies.



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For more information, contact frontrunnersNL@google.com

Key questions to be addressed

  • What impact will digital technologies have on our economies and societies in the long term? Is the adoption of new technology in the Netherlands happening at the desired speed? What lessons can be drawn from history when it comes to adapting to change in the economy and society?

  • What are the new jobs created by emerging technology? How can more be created? How can we get more quality in the services delivered and less of the net job loss?

  • How can those at risk of losing their jobs to automation get the training to thrive in a new job? How can future employees be prepared for the skills needed in a more digitised society?

  • How can the Netherlands maximise the benefits of digitisation and be a leader on digital? What are the economic and social changes needed to benefit from emerging technology? What role will national policies play and what is the need for action at EU level?

When and where

Wednesday, 11th of October 2017
Caballero Fabriek, The Hague