Level up with our applied skills training!

The North America Developer Ecosystem team is excited to announce Elevate with Google Developers will be offered from February 19th through December 10th! 

Elevate brought to you by Google Developers is an ongoing program for developer communities with monthly sessions and content focused on transitioning to a new career, growing your career, and growing yourself. This program offers developers resources to upskill themselves through applied workshops to build on their professional development and career goals. 

This specialized applied skills training program is open to all developers across North America and beyond. 

Register now to participate and take your career to the next level! 

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Elevate with Google Developers


Upcoming Session | Friday, Sept 17th (10AM- 12PM PDT)

Sept 17th Session | Elevating Your Presentations & Program Management



Anna will be sharing some design and communication tips that will help you create engaging, effective, and memorable presentations.

Lulu and Shilpa will be diving into the world of program management, technical program management and the set of foundational skills that lead to better business outcomes.


3 Content Themes 

We've invited Googlers and experts from around the world to speak and conduct workshops on the following topics:

Transitioning To A New Career Growing Your Career Growing Yourself
Job Searching (LinkedIn Resume Audit) User Focused Work Visual Presentation (Building An Engaging Deck)
Technical Writing Working With Data Project / Program Management Skills
Networking (Remote & In-Person) Allyship / Advocacy In The Workspace Story-Telling
Build Your Brand Online Email Writing / Facilitating Effective Meetings Public Speaking / Body Language
Compensation Negotiation Handling Difficult Conversations (Conflict Resolution) Work-life Balance
Finding Your Inner Passion Team Dynamics (How To Get Better At Managing Teams) Mentoring / Teaching Others
Preparing For Interviews Thriving In Ambiguity
Resume / Cover Letter Writing Giving / Receiving Feedback

Benefits of Elevate with Google Developers

Benefits: Participation Certificate, Resources, Q&A Sessions


Testimonials from attendees in 2020

"I would like to express my appreciation for all the efforts of your team on the Elevate training. I really have enjoyed it very much. I successfully negotiated with my new employer for a higher compensation using the tips that were provided in the Negotiation training. Thank you again!"

"All of the sessions have been great! I've learned so much to help me not only be a better leader for WTM and GDG, but in my work and in my daily life. I'm a lifelong learner and always am looking for something to learn and that next step to take. Thank you for this opportunity to grow!"


"Using the learnings from the Elevate Training, I was able to apply it when applying for jobs and I was hired as a full time software engineer. Thank you again for all the support during the pandemic that led me to achieve my dream! All of the speakers went above and beyond to share their knowledge with all of us and they deserve our appreciation. I can't thank you enough!"   

"After it started I not only learned a lot, but it encouraged me to improve in other areas also. These trainings are certainly going to make me a better GDG organizer. The Giving and Receiving Feedback one was helpful the same day, during the session! My boss had given a piece of feedback and I then used the training right away."


When and Where

Feb 19th through Dec 10th, 2021
Online Training

Elevate participants will be able to join 2 back-to back sessions held every 3rd Friday of each month (2hrs total) from 10AM-12PM (Pacific Time). There will be dedicated live Q&A sessions after each topic.