Google Partners testimonials

ROI Hunter


ROI Hunter used to work with big e-commerce clients. By partnering up with Google, they broadened their offers for e-commerce SMBs with a new product called ROI Hunter Easy. They have received help in creating their go-to-market strategy from scratch, in shaping new features, entering new markets and getting funding from a major shareholder. Today around 15 thousand merchants are using ROI Hunter!


Adzooma has put its digital advertising platform to the next level in partnership with Google. After having received support and training in strategic, product and development related questions as well as got informed about Google's latest updates, they managed to grow their business in the first year by a whooping 3000% and their headcount by 500%. The simple, efficient and reliable advertising platform for small businesses now even goes global!


Cobiro is an AI based automation platform for Google Ads. Cobiro's unique algorithms which optimise their customer's advertising results. Partnering up with Google accelerated Cobiro for real: the company grew from 4 to 52 employees .

AdEspresso Hootsuite

AdEspresso is a platform which helps SMEs manage and optimise their advertising across multiple channels. The Italian startup has realised an aggressive growth together with Google by defining their growth strategy and go-to-market plans as well as by getting support with the product and technology implementation. Today they have teams working solely with Google's APIs.


Emarketing is an advertising, automation, campaign creator and competition analysation tool for e-commerce merchants. Emarketing partnered up with Google to accelerated their growth - which helped them grow by 300% per year, having 1000 new signups per month.