Frequently Asked Questions 

Explore ML facilitators will deliver learning and development experiences to students on campus in a 'flipped classroom' environment. They will facilitate technical workshops in their own institutes, and further develop their facilitation, presentation, and communication skills. 

Registered as a facilitator? Here's what you should know. For any other questions, please contact  

Explore ML Academy is an event selected facilitators will be invited to in order to get trained in all course materials, facilitation skills, and more.

  1. Should be in pre-final year (in 3rd semester or to 5th semester) currently.
  2. Seasoned programmer comfortable in object oriented programming. Candidates must be able to demonstrate strong examples of writing large bodies of code independently for significant projects and the ability to debug other people's code.
  3. The facilitator should have a faculty “mentor” to be in touch with at all times

For a typical 6-week program delivery :

6 weekend days for workshop sessions (30 hrs total) 2 hours a week, for 6 weeks, to hold mid-week office hours and session preparation and planning (12 hrs total)

Since we envision facilitators to conduct at least 2 program deliveries in a semester (by October 2019), the semester commitment (in hours) is a minimum of 42hours/semester

Candidates with the mentioned below facts will be given preference for the bootcamp : 

  1. Good communication and interpersonal skills
  2. Effective listening and questioning skills Passion for teaching, facilitating, and/or presenting
  3. Previous experience in working on Machine Learning(strongly preferred)
  4. Previous teaching or facilitation experience (preferred) 
  1. Facilitate Machine Learning in individual campuses Solve doubts and queries of the enrolled classroom students.
  2. Share feedback, reports, ideas, and best practices with program team and other facilitators

Google will provide the curriculum and training resources for facilitators to facilitate workshops.

 Currently this program is under invitation-only for selected universities. Anyone is welcome to use our materials to acquire and share knowledge with fellow university students independently. If you would like to be considered as a future Explore ML facilitator for your campus get in touch with us via

Currently, student facilitators will be selected via a mix faculty nominations and independent applications to the program.

This Program is free for students and facilitators and sponsored by Google.

Yes, students will receive an informal certificate of completion. However, Google will not provide verification of certificates to employers.

No. Currently we are focusing on students enrolled in bachelors degree program.

Although we appreciate your enthusiasm towards learning and teaching ML, we look forward to inviting students with programming background who gather and help more students in understanding ML from programming background.

Engineering students from Computers/Information Technology/BCS/BCA are invited to register for the program.

For the Facilitator: -Computer, projector, Chrome Browser and Internet Connection.

For the Students: -Computer and Chrome Browser and Internet Connection.

If you encounter yourself in an emergency or otherwise need to cease your facilitator responsibilities, please let the team know as soon as possible at