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10.00am: Registration - arrival & coffee

Grab a coffee and chat with fellow educators and Googlers 

10.30am: Assembly - welcome & introduction

What are the challenges your school is facing? And how can technology help? We'll start the day hearing from you about your challenges and start to explore how we can address these with technology.

And amid all of these challenges how can we make sure students are set up for their future lives? How can we fuel the future?


11.00am: Topic 1 - The host school's story

In this session the host school will discuss their key challenges and how they've tackled these with technology. They'll share their successes, their advice for other schools and student stories of how this is impacting their classrooms. 

11.30am: Break time

Coffee, snacks & networking

11.40am: Topic 2 - Leadership & IT Breakout - 21st century learning in a safe, productive environment

1. Leadership: Creating 21st century learners

A discussion around creating 21st century learning whilst participating in a history lesson. You'll use G Suite and Google Classroom to research, create and collaborate on your ideas. 

2. IT: Keeping your school safe and secure

An introduction to G Suite and Chromebooks and the controls you can use to keep your environment and students safe and secure. How do you make sure your school is set up for success, and ensure systems are safely integrated with your current network? We'll answer this question and more as we delve into deploying Google for Education tools at your school.

12.20pm: Lunchtime

Lunch will be provided along with time to chat, debate and test drive some of the Google for Education tools

12.50pm: Topic 3 - Leadership & IT breakout - driving cost and time efficiency

1. Leadership: Saving time & reducing workload

Find out how schools across the world use Google's tools to help save their staff time. Get hands on and see how easy it is to create simple solutions to not-so-simple problems.

 2. IT: Considering your future

Discuss your current setup and plans for the future. Hear about best practices for roll-out and implementation, get hands on with the admin dashboard and discuss the ideal school IT environment

1.30pm: Topic 4 - Google for Education and improving learning outcomes with technology

How can students be best prepared for the future? And how can technology help achieve the results they need today? 

In this session a Google leader will discuss how Google's approach to challenges and the culture that fosters can be applied in the classroom to help children accelerate their learning and improve outcomes. 

We'll wrap up the day revisting your challenges from the morning session, drawing some conclusions on how technology can help and steps you can take to help fuel the future.

2.00pm: Home time