Revenue Strategy

Reader Revenue

Duration 45 mins · Topics 4 · Participants 30 

Reader revenue

As advertising evolves online, understanding and developing your revenue strategy has become increasingly important. These sessions will help you understand your digital ads landscape and gain insights on how to maximise reader revenue and subscriptions.

Who's it for

Workshops are designed for publishers who are taking their first steps in the digital world. They may be starting to explore digital offerings or creating digital content for the first time.

Eligible publishers need to have a focus on core news provision. Sub-verticals that would be included: Politics, Local/Country/World events, Business, Technology, Health, Science.


Reader Revenue Models

03 December · 10:00

45 mins • Webinar

Suggestions on how to grow your memberships and subscriptions, assess your consumer revenue options and communicate your purpose to your readers.

The session will cover:

  • Different consumer revenue options and introduce the GNI Reader Revenue playbook and tools.
  • Some of the options available when implementing a subscription paywall.
  • How to discover your unique digital offering and how to communicate your purpose to your readers.

Assessing The Opportunity

03 December · 11:00

45 mins • Webinar

Evaluate the size of your reader revenue opportunity and identify tactics and tools to meet your readers’ needs and keep them engaged.

The session will cover:

  • Ways in which you can estimate the size of your reader revenue opportunity.
  • How you could use surveys and interviews to better understand reader needs.
  • Some of the analytics you may want to consider in order to understand current readers’ behaviors.  


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Online Tools & Resources

Acess tools and resources to help give context and familiarise yourself with the fundamentals before taking part in the workshops. This is optiona and not essential, but you may find it helpful.