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9:00am - Morning on the Main Stage

Artificial Intelligence: State of the Nation

An overview of the AI landscape including research trends, applications, regulatory insights and Canada’s competitive edge.

It's tough to keep up. As the pace of AI innovation accelerates, opportunities for industrial applications proliferate while implications for how societies harness this technology deepen. Shivon Zilis of OpenAI in conversation with Tim Hwang of the Ethic and Governance of AI Fund, offers a candid and up-to-the-minute examination of the AI landscape today. This wide-ranging discussion will touch on research trends, applications, regulatory insights and a closer look at Canada’s competitive edge.

Shivon Zilis

Director, OpenAI

Tim Hwang

Director, Ethics and Governance of AI Fund  

Talking to AI

How AI has revolutionized speech recognition.

AI has revolutionized the way we power speech recognition, which has enabled us to interact with technology in more intuitive and accessible ways. Francoise Beaufays has been at the center of this transformation leading Google's speech recognition team. Her talk will take us through the evolution of speech recognition at Google and some of the challenges the team overcame to build a tool that now supports over 110 languages and variants. 

Francoise Beaufays

Research Scientist, Google 

Building Artificial General Intelligence

Demis Hassabis, founder and CEO of DeepMind, will discuss the ways in which AI breakthroughs, such as AlphaGo, are helping us explore the edge of our knowledge, and the exciting implications of applying AI technologies to advancing science and everyday products.

Dr. Demis Hassabis 

Co-founder and CEO, Deepmind

Canada: A Global AI Powerhouse

How Canada’s AI strategy is a model for global innovation. 

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada 

Eric Schmidt

Executive Chairman, Alphabet Inc.

11:20am - Morning Breakout Sessions & Meet the Experts

AI Across Industries

AI is a practical tool that can be used by any sector of the economy. Just in the way computers and the Internet have been harnessed as powerful tools, AI is driving productivity across multiple industries from energy and agriculture to manufacturing and music. In this spotlight series, we’ll hear how AI is reshaping the business landscape in new and unexpected ways across retail, manufacturing and more.

The Hon. Navdeep Bains

Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Humera Malik 

CEO, Canvass Analytics

Kerry Liu 

Founder, Rubikloud

Shibl Mourad

Engineering Manager, Deepmind

AI for Social Good

From healthcare to immigration, spotlight talks on how AI is making Canada and the world a better place. This session will feature a series of talk from socially-minded innovators who are using AI to make a positive social impact, in areas as diverse as helping expand access to legal services to creating new tools for public health.

Amir Moravej 

CEO, Botler.AI

Anna Goldenberg

Scientist, SickKids 

Maryam Sadeghi

CEO, MetaOptima Technology Inc

Steven Woods

Engineering Director, Google Canada  

Meet the Experts: Tech Talks

Meet the Experts will feature a series of talks from AI experts who will share insights on how to tackle tough problems. 

Bret McGowen

Serverless Developer Advocate, Google

Hugo Larochelle 

Research Scientist, Lead of Google Brain (Montreal) 


Yufeng Guo 

Machine Learning Developer Advocate, Google   

Ian Harrower

Software Engineer, Google   

12pm - Lunch

1:45pm - Afternoon Breakout Sessions & Meet the Experts

AI: Adopt and Implement

 Two of Canada’s leading tech companies, Wattpad and Shopify, will discuss their journeys to integrate AI systems into their businesses. David Lennie and Wendy Foster will share what’s working well, the challenges they have faced, and provide guidance to other Canadian companies looking to put AI to best use.  

Wendy Foster

Director, Data Products, Wattpad

David Lennie

 SVP, Data & Analytics, Shopify

Janet Bannister

Partner, Real Ventures

AI for Civic Innovation

How AI could shape the city of the future.

Artificial intelligence is getting more capable, and the hardware required for AI is getting cheaper, faster, smaller and energy efficient. These trends enable cities to use AI to help support data-driven tools that make urban life more sustainable, safe, affordable, and efficient. Sidewalk Labs is reimagining how cities can be built to take advantage of this technology to benefit the people who live, work and play there. 

Craig Nevill-Manning 

Head of Engineering at Sidewalk Labs

Siri Agrell

Director of Strategic Initiatives, City of Toronto 

Building with AI

As companies increasingly look to integrate AI, Canada needs a robust pipeline of both talented engineers and tech-savvy business leaders who understand this technology and how to harness its vast potential. The panel will discuss how Canadian companies should approach their talent pipeline in order to build an AI-ready team. 

Leah Spontaneo 

Principal Engineer, Hubba 

Dalia Asterbadi 

CEO of | Chief Data Scientist, JONES

Inmar Givoni 

Director of Machine Learning, Kindred 

Michele Romanow 

Dragon, Dragons Den CBC | Founder, Clearblanc


Making AI for Everyone

Panel discussion on the ethics of AI development and how to better ensure its benefits are applied responsibly.

Like previous waves of technological innovation, AI presents tremendous potential for progress while also raising social and ethical questions. This panel of thought leaders will dive into the ethics of AI, noting the work that’s being done to counter bias and ensure the benefits of AI are widely felt.

Blaise Aguera y Arcas

Principal Scientist, Google

Kathryn Hume

VP Product & Strategy,

Philippe Beaudoin

SVP Research & Co-Founder Element AI   

Tim Hwang

 Director, Ethics and Governance of AI Fund

Meet the Experts: Mentorship

Rubber hits the road in one on one conversations about your company with AI experts such as Amir Moravej and Francoise Beaufays.

Sign up at the help desk to participate! 

Amir Moravej 

CEO, Botler.AI

Francoise Beaufays

Research Scientist, Google 

3:15pm - Afternoon on the Main Stage

Bad (artificial) Romance

Find out what happens when you feed a neural network thousands of romance novels.

Ever wonder what happens when you feed a recurrent neural network millions of romance novel passages and then ask that network to tell you little stories based on images? It’s AI that makes you blush. ML researcher Jamie Kiros presents her findings on building a creative neural network and shares a few examples of AI’s take on romance writing. 

Jamie Kiros

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Sidewalk Toronto

A fireside chat about Sidewalk Toronto 

Sidewalk Toronto is a joint effort by Waterfront Toronto and Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs to create a new kind of mixed-use, complete community on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. Come hear how Sidewalk Toronto will combine forward thinking urban design and new digital technology to create people-centered neighbourhoods that achieve precedent-setting levels of sustainability, affordability, mobility and economic opportunity. 

Dan Doctoroff

CEO, Sidewalk Labs 

Will Fleissig

President and CEO, Waterfront Toronto 

Cherise Burda

Executive Director, Ryerson City Building Institute 

Geoffrey Hinton’s Unfinished Work

A look at where AI is going, from the great mind who brought AI to where it is today.

Artificial intelligence is not a solved problem. AI pioneer, Geoffrey Hinton in conversation with senior technology correspondent for the New York Times, Cade Metz, discusses his lifelong pursuit of understanding how the brain works and how it shaped his groundbreaking work on neural networks. Hinton will share his frank assessment of AI research today and offer a few hints on where AI's next breakthrough may come from. 

Geoffrey Hinton

Vice President, Google Brain

Cade Metz

Reporter, New York Times


Creating in AI

A YouTube pioneer, Taryn Southern's forthcoming album “I AM AI,” is the first album to be composed and produced in collaboration with artificial intelligence. Now working at the intersection of science and storytelling, Taryn is using neural networks to create new models of creative efficiency and expression. In this session, Taryn shares why she chose AI as a collaboration partner, how it’s impacted her creative process, and performs her debut AI-composed single “Break Free.” 

Taryn Southern

Digital Storyteller

4:30pm - Cocktails & Networking