The North America Developer Ecosystem team is hosting a virtual Machine Learning Summit!

Join us virtually as we present on the latest Google machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies from experts.

As part of our mission to bring the benefits of machine learning to everyone, we are excited to showcase talks from our Google Developer Experts. Through this event, members of our ML Experts program will share best practices with pipelines and deployments along with recommendations how to apply these learnings to your projects.

If you are in the ML/AI field, and are interested in enhancing your skills, while networking and learning from Google's ML/AI experts, this is the event for you!

Attendees should have prior knowledge and experience with Machine Learning and/or AI technologies, but all levels of experience are welcome. We want to create a learning journey for developers around Google's ML content - from data to decisions. 

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“Nice to have a broad range of AI and ML topics, at higher than intro level. Thanks for hosting us!

“Great content! Exceeded my expectations!”

“It’s hard to find the right mix between applications and research talks and you hit a great mix.”

“Great talks! Was really glad to have such a deep dive into topics."





Get to know the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence trends, directly from the experts.      



Deep-dive into ML/AI products and technologies to advance your learning.



Share ideas and knowledge with other ML/AI industry experts, and find inspiration in the diversity and innovation in this field.



Interact and network with fellow industry professionals and continue your learnings with Google developer communities. 

ML Summit - Cambridge
ML Summit - Pittsburgh
ML Summit - Cambridge
ML Summit - Cambridge