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Sept - Nov 2021 Series Overview

Join us for product training sessions across Google Workspace for Education, including Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Plus, and Chrome devices. 

Each session is 30 minutes, and will detail specific features, with demo-based training and educational use-cases.

This training is suitable for educators, curriculum and IT leaders globally. If you're unable to watch live, register to watch on demand. We'll add the recordings right after the livestream finishes each day. 

Looking for a certificate of completion? We'll email you a customizable template after the last session concludes.

Fall 2021 Series Schedule






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Sept 21 10-10:30am PST

Google Classroom Glow Up  

Fresh off our summer break, Classroom’s coming in hot with some exciting updates and features that will definitely help you start the new school year right! Follow along with student engagement, schedule posts for multiple classes and easily integrate more third party tools than before. Also, a fresh new look at Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum that applies to all learners.   
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Sept 22 10-10:30am PST

Chrome Sweet Chrome - What's new? 

An overview of the many new features in Chrome OS that enhance teaching and learning
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Sept 23 10-10:30am PST

Become a Dynamic Host with new Meet Controls  

Learn how to take control of your Meets and become the dynamic host you’ve always wanted to be. Learn how to manage Meet with Host Controls and permanently end meetings for all  
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Sept 28 10-10:30am PST

Get Started with CS First  

Come experience a hands-on demonstration to learn about CS First. Explore new ways to engage your classroom and introduce students to computer science.   
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Sept 29 10-10:30am PST

Personalizing Google Chrome and Chromebooks 

In this session we'll look at how to create different Chrome profiles as well as how to personalize your browser and add extensions to turn Chrome into a multi functional tool for education.
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Sept 30 10-10:30am PST

Increased Security for Drive with Labels and Trust Rules  

Today we’ll review changes to Drive security measures, like Drive Trust Rules and Labels, which help to control sharing and security  
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Oct 5 10-10:30am PST

More than Meet(s) the Eye! 

Dive into the new features and updates to Google Meet. Present to your favorite Workspace tools, pin multiple screens and up your game with new features for livestreamed Meets.  
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Oct 6 10-10:30am PST

Chrome and Accessibility (Part 1)  

Use built-in features on Chromebooks like screen readers and magnifiers to make teaching and learning content more accessible.
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Oct 7 10-10:30am PST

Automate Group Membership with Dynamic Groups  

We’ll detail how to create and deploy dynamic groups to self manage membership  
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Oct 12 10-10:30am PST

Classroom Meets its Perfect Match 

Level up your virtual classroom management toolkit with Classroom’s Meet integration features such as waiting rooms, updated co-teachers permissions, and breakout room security control settings. Meet is definitely a perfect match for Classroom.  
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Oct 13 10-10:30am PST

Chrome and Accessibility (Part 2)  

Learn how to use Chrome apps and extensions to make content more accessible, featuring partners like Don Johnston and Texthelp, all found on the Chromebook App Hub.
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Oct 14 10-10:30am PST

Age Restricted Service Changes and Chat File Transfer  

In this session we’ll review recent changes to age-based restrictions within your domains and the changes that accompany those restrictions  
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Oct 19 10-10:30am PST

Work Smarter, not Harder: Part 1 

Just when you thought your favorite tools couldn’t get any smarter enter Smart Canvas and Smart Chips, the new experience that will enhance the apps we already know and love. Pull in helpful information from other Google Workspace products, quickly embed Drive files, or tag collaborators for quick access.  
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Oct 20 10-10:30am PST

Unleashing Creativity With Your Chromebook   

Create multimedia projects using creativity apps on Chromebooks. Different entry points based on level of creative spirit and digital fluency will be shared to support everyone to unleash their creativity and express who they are, their ideas, and their passions.
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Oct 21 10-10:30am PST

Get the Most Out of Your Data  

Join us to look at how Education Plus gives you increased data visibility. From Security Dashboard to BigQuery dashboards, let’s look for trends in our data.  
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Oct 26 10-10:30am PST

Work Smarter, not Harder: Part 2 

Just when you thought your favorite tools couldn’t get any smarter updates enter autosave to Google Forms, stylistic suggestions, and assisted analysis. This new experience will enhance the apps we already know and love.  
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Oct 27 10-10:30am PST

Chrome is Where The Heart is - SEL resources for teaching

Using Chrome and specific Chrome-extensions to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies into your teaching practice
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Oct 28 10-10:30am PST

Monitoring Alerts and Investigating Incidents  

Review how to triage alerts from the Alert Center, and how to investigate alerts of interest using the Investigation Tool  
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Nov 2 10-10:30am PST

Keep it Classy, Admins - with Google Classroom  

Calling all Google Workspace Admins, Tech Directors, and decision-makers. Learn how Google editions have changed and understand which versions and tools will work best for YOUR teachers and learners as well as understand how Google Classroom continues to grow to support your schools in this challenging time.   
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Nov 3 10-10:30am PST

Chrome Security Update for Administrators  

This session will explore the privacy and security features built into Chrome OS and new updates to Google Admin Console for system administrators  
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