Meetup #15: A perfect match: local development & server-driven mobile UI

Due to the unforeseen circumstances we are suspending the Google Warsaw Cloud Meetup series for some time, and the event planned for January 31st won’t be taking place. We apologize for the inconvenience. We plan to be back soon, and we will keep you posted.


Quite a lot of high profile mobile apps nowadays employ the use of various server-driven UI approaches to update not just content but layout & features without updating the app itself. This greatly empowers teams, as more engineers can directly contribute to the mobile apps but it adds an extra burden as development typically requires setting up both worlds on the engineer’s machine (mobile and backend infrastructure) or going through minutes-long build-deploy to pre-prod environments wait times to test their work.

We aim to show how one can solve this problem by shrinking the long build-deploy cycles to seconds and have almost instant feedback of the local code changes directly on one’s mobile phone.

In person attendees only:

If you chose to join us in person, then remember to provide your full first and last names, as this is needed for security reasons. You also need to bring an official ID document with you, that has your name, last name and photo. Without it, you won't be allowed into the Google office. You will need to check in at the building's reception and then use the elevator to the 25th floor. Please arrive 30 mins early.

Detailed address: The Warsaw Hub, Building C, ul. Rondo Daszyńskiego 2C, 00-843 Warsaw, Poland.

Number of places is limited to 80. Few days before the event, we will send a request to confirm your presence. Please be mindful of that and keep an eye on your mailbox! If you don't confirm, you may not be allowed into the building as we will prioritise those who did.



When and where

This is a hybrid event and you can register by clicking REGISTER button at the top of the page.

During registration you will have to chose if you're going to attend the event in our office - The Warsaw Hub, Building C - or if you prefer to join us remotely. In which case we will use Google Meet platform, so please make sure ahead of time that your setup supports it.

🕑 January 31st, 6:00 pm Warsaw time (CEST) [please arrive 30 mins early, to allow for badge pickup]

🗺️ The Warsaw Hub, Building C, ul. Rondo Daszyńskiego 2C, 00-843 Warsaw, Poland

Venue's hoto

Google Warsaw Cloud Meetup

We created this series of meetups to be able to share with the engineering community in Poland, in the region, and thanks to hybrid format, even in other countries and continents, the work that is done by us in the Warsaw Office. This event is produced by engineers to engineers- we use a simple Google Meet that will allow you to just virtually raise your hand and ask anything you want directly and openly. We’ll talk about interesting projects, complex technical issues we are working on, what we like in our work and also the challenges and downsides.


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About Google Warsaw site

Warsaw is Google’s regional hub for both engineering and business, and one of our fastest growing sites in Europe, Middle East and Africa. As a major Engineering office, Googlers in Warsaw work on Google’s Cloud Platform and Infrastructure throughout the stack, as well as other major functions in the company, working with our customers, partners and other important stakeholders.

The Google Warsaw office is located in the vibrant city center where Googlers enjoy a unique and fun environment with a lot of emphasis on culture — including talks, learning sessions, clubs (everything from a ‘Go’ club and a ‘Tartar eaters one’)- all of them continued regularly while working from home. Now that we are preparing to gradually return to the office, we plan to go back to a variety of sports activities, the gym and meals served in our canteens. Google will be also embracing the new, more flexible models of working, with some Googlers working fully remotely, while others returning to the office full-time.

In a true Google style, Googlers reach out to the community and volunteer through programs like Mind the Gap, Children's University, and Habitat for Humanity. 

(Photos by Jacek Waszkiewicz)


We received some questions about open positions during the previous event - you can check them at the Warsaw Careers Page.

Google - The Warsaw Hub
Google - The Warsaw Hub