Our first event has concluded...

Our first event is already behind us!  What did we cover?

We focused on sharing the work engineers in Warsaw do. Most of our engineers are working on Google Cloud Platform (or GCP as we call it - we love acronyms!), throughout the complex stack, on projects ranging from Google’s internal infrastructure (that the vast majority of Google products are dependent on) to designing and developing user interfaces for the majority of Google Cloud products. A lot of what we do is around scaling, and in this event we’ve shared an overview of the technical challenges engineers in Warsaw are facing. In other words - it is a scaling game, and in our upcoming events we’ll deep dive into specifics. The goal of these meetups is for everyone attending to learn at least one new thing about Cloud engineering - hope you already have!

Here is our recording, in case you couldn’t attend or had to drop off early. 

... but there are more to come!

When? What? Speaker(s)
August 31st, 2021 Self-driving cloud: autoscaling & recommendations Filip Balejko
September 28th, 2021 Development, Integration and Review at Google Scale   Alex Pitis
... many more to come! Stay tuned!

About Google Warsaw Cloud Meetup

We created this series of meetups to be able to share with the engineering community in Poland, in the region, and thanks to virtual format, even in other countries and continents, the work that is done by us in the Warsaw Office. This event is produced by engineers to engineers- we use a simple Google Meet that will allow you to just virtually raise your hand and ask anything you want directly and openly. We’ll talk about interesting projects, complex technical issues we are working on, what we like in our work and also the challenges and downsides.

Google Warsaw Cloud Meetup