Meet our judges

Evelyn Vallejos (Lyna)

Gaming Influencer

Evelyn is an Argentinian journalist and YouTuber. From a young age, she developed a great interest in video games, and at 20 years old, after graduating as a journalists, she decided to dedicate herself to gaming through her YouTube platform. What started as a hobby, soon became her work and she fully devoted herself to her channels. Her favorite games are the sandboxes, among them are Roblox, The Sims, Minecraft and Just Dance.

Ezequiel Mottillo

Creative Director, Etermax

Ezequiel is designer, journalist and photographer. He is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and for the last 6 years he has been leading the creative team at Etermax as well as coordinating the development of educational content. During his first steps in communication, he produced radio and TV programs. After collaborating with numerous start-ups, he joined Etermax in 2010 to collaborate in the creation of the most downloaded social game in history: Trivia Crack (Preguntados in Spanish), declared as Cultural Interest by the ministry of Culture of Argentina.

Moonlit Beshimov

Development Manager, Google Play Games

Moonlit partners with mobile game developers to grow their businesses on Google Play. She worked for various gaming companies before Google and is passionate about applying analytics and behavioral psychology to mobile gaming engagement & monetization design. Moonlit has a MBA and BA in Economics from Harvard.

Pablo Miyazawa

Editor-in-Chief, IGN Entertainment

Pablo Miyazawa is a journalist and has worked with entertainment since 1996. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of IGN Brazil websites and was previously editor-in-chief of pop culture magazines such as Rolling Stone, Herói, EGM Brasil and Nintendo World, and has published articles in major newspapers and internet portals from Brazil. He is the author of the books "52 Mitos Pop" and "Inquebrável", both by Editora Paralela. Lives in São Paulo.

Sandro Manfredini

Business Director, Aquiris Game Studio

Sandro Manfredini is Business Director of Aquiris Game Studio, one of the most important independent studios in Latin America. Among the top games in the studio is Horizon Chase, one of the best mobile games in the world by Metacritic in 2015, and recognized by Google Play under the title "Android Excellence" in 2017. Horizon Chase was also the winner of BIG Festival 2016.