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Google Developers Space, Singapore is a home for developers and startups from around the region to learn, connect, engage, and be inspired.

Join *La Kopi @ Developers Space and hear developers from our community share about their Google Cloud projects built on Cloud Run, MLOps, and BigQuery Omni.

* Singlish: Literally means ‘stir-coffee’, also means 'to get together'.



Time Agenda
7:30pm (GMT+8) Introduction

Developer Open Mic Session

  • Developing a Data Pipeline on Google Cloud
    Kamolphan (Fon) Liwprasert, Machine Learning Engineer, Sertis

    We will be exploring data pipeline options for analytics or machine learning projects on Google Cloud Platform. We will also see different options to develop a data pipeline and how to choose between options. Lastly, Fon will be introducing Apache Airflow, as well as a demo to show how it can be used.

  • ko: zero-config tool for deploying Go app on k8s
    Stanley Nguyen, Software Engineer, Xendit

    ko leverages on opinionated import-path approach of Go to simplify the whole process of building binary, container image, publishing image, and applying to k8s into a one-liner command. 

  • How to Use Cloud Run as a Webhook for Data Ingestion
    George Wong, Data Scientist, Setel Ventures

    This session will cover Cloud Run, its comparison with Cloud Function and solving a particular problem involving ingesting live events data and how it's being used for live dashboarding purposes. We will also show the architecture of the solution to provide you with an understanding of making it happen through Google Cloud Platform tools.

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8:30pm (GMT+8) End


See you at La Kopi!