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Google Developers Space, Singapore is a home for developers and startups from around the region to learn, connect, engage, and be inspired.

Join *La Kopi @ Developer Space and hear developers from our community share about their projects built on Kotlin, Android, Firebase, and more!

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* Singlish: Literally means ‘stir-coffee’, also means 'to get together'.



Time Agenda
8:00pm Introduction

Developer Open Mic Session 

  • Fighting Panic Attacks with Game Development in Flutter
    Sakina Abbas, CEO, ReacTree

    Have you ever wondered if you could develop a Mobile Game with your Mobile App Development skills? Creating games can easily become stressful and overwhelming, and this is where Flutter comes to the rescue!

    In this session, you will learn how to harness Flutter to build the most minimalistic yet impactful and addicting game in just a couple of hours. Learn how to leverage the sweet suite of tools Flutter provides, and how Flutter can help you build your game with minimal efforts!

  • What's New in Kotlin 1.4
    Hassan Abid, Tech Lead, BeLive
    Google Developer Expert, Android

    Kotlin is a favorite language of Android developers. It has evolved over the past one year with focus on quality and performance. In this short talk, we will go through new language features of Kotlin 1.4 with examples.

  • Building Android SDK for Seamless Integration 
    Poe Poe Myint Swe, Software Engineer, SHIELD

    Most of us use frameworks and libraries all the time. But what does it take to develop a good Android SDK? We'll find out common pitfalls and best practices in this session.
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8:45pm End


See you at La Kopi!