We aim to reach a point where every single agri transaction happens with real quality test. A certificate that gives a farmer true honor of their effort. A chance where the trader can test all possible lot from the nation on same scale. A state of transaction with quality data analytics where a test can tell what the produce should be used for. Let MATT choose the best food for us. We believe in- One Nation, One Assessment



Slang Labs has the goal of bringing the internet to the masses by enabling developers to add natural interfaces, such as speech input, to their applications.

"sLang", is an India focussed, multi-lingual Voice to Action mobile SDK that enables app developers to easily add a natural voice interface to control/navigate their apps. 



PregBuddy is an antenatal care platform which provides peer connection, based on location, language & medical conditions.

It is a pregnancy health assistant trusted by 50,000 expecting mothers and their gynaecologists.



LegalDesk.com is a “Do It Yourself” service that lets you prepare various legal documents and contracts online. All you have to do is select the document template, fill in your details, check the document preview and execute the most up to date paperwork for your statutory requirements. We help you with printing documents on Stamp paper and delivering it to your doorstep.



A Single Mobile Wallet and Card for your Employees.  All your employee benefits & reimbursements like food, medical, fuel, travel etc. made digital. An employee will never have to bring back a paper bill, ever.



Vokal is a place to gain and share knowledge in Indian Languages. It's an audio platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. With the added advantage of regional languages, Vokal empowers people to ask intriguing questions in a language of their choosing, and seek to learn from each other, helping them understand the world better. In Vokal, one asks questions and then various experts in the Vokal community will then contribute answers as a recording that you can playback on the app.



For farmers from farmers

farMart is a tech-enabled agricultural machinery renting platform. We help farmers rent out their under-utilized machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, implements) to fellow small and marginal farmers on pay-per-use basis. We rely on technologies like IoT’s, remote sensing, algorithmic distance optimization and satellite imagery to service our farmers.



Meesho is India's #1 Reseller-only app, trusted by 50,000+ Resellers earning money online by working from home. Working with Meesho is as simple as sharing and selling on Facebook and WhatsApp. Meesho provides an excellent career opportunity to build your own Internet business without having to build your website or app. With no investment required, it is used by women entrepreneurs, housewives, college students, small business owners (shops or boutiques), B2B traders, or anyone looking for passive income. Reselling with Meesho is similar to earning by dropshipping or affiliate marketing as you earn commission without holding any inventory.



Mobond is a combination of two words 'Mob' and 'Bond'. The name suggests its aim is to 'bonding the mob' or 'bonding the angry crowd'. Our aim is to provide updated travel information to commuters. Mobond offers details on local train time table, metro timetable, Mona Rail timetable, Bus Routes, Express Timetable, Auto fares, Taxi fares, Ferry, Women Safety and emergency numbers   



Pratilipi is India's largest online platform connecting readers and writers in Indian Languages - Hindi (हिंदी), Malayalam (മലയാളം), Bengali (বাঙ্গালী), Tamil (தமிழ்), Marathi (मराठी), Telugu (తెలుగు), Gujarati (ગુજરાતી), and Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ).

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