Haiti Start

April 23, 2018 8:00 AM - April 26, 2018 5:00 PM

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BANJ, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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500 Gourdes, Inc.


500Gourdes, Inc. is a network of online marketplaces that allow professionals and vendors in the Latin America and the Caribbean to sell their local products and services worldwide at a fixed price of approximately 10 USD.

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Haiti Identification


Haiti Identification aims at providing online services to local and living abroad Haitians to their official documents and identification papers such as Birth Certificates, Passports, National ID cards, etc. We intend to expand this service to provide background search and ID verification.

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Haiti Pay

HaitiPay wants to develop the first cross-border cash-to-mobile wallet remittance program. It will offer to the Haitian diaspora the service of sending a prepaid credit to their family in Haiti. The remitter can choose to buy electronic prepaid credits which will be exchanged at a network of affiliated merchants.

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Ibous wants to facilitate online payment and contactless payment in Haiti. Ibous is an electronic payment service that allows users to pay for their purchases, receive payments, send and receive money. It offers two types of payments: online payment that allows payments on e-commerce sites and contactless payment that allows paying with an NFC ring or by scanning a QR code.

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Jaco Transfer

Jaco Transfer is a solution for Haitians abroad to purchase goods online and have them delivered within 48h to family and friends in Haiti! Product list includes Food, Drinks, Electronics, Flowers, Hygiene Products & Home Appliances.

Jaco Transfer is the remittance-focused Amazon of Haïti!

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Kakat Game

Katkat Game is, first of all, an entertainment that allows people to educate, while having fun, by means of games all age groups of the community. we develop educational games for kids and young people. Our goal is to introduce games that aren’t normally seen in an educational context, into the classroom through designing complementary learning curriculum and help them play games that educate them about their culture.

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Kidiskont is a discount-finding app with a coupon-based concept in Haiti.

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Lakay Vèt


Lakay Vèt uses Haiti's waste to create valuable resources that build local economic opportunities for Haitians.

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Radiokam connects experts in medical imaging to medical centers and hospitals everywhere in Haiti for quick interpretation of their patients' radios.

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RETEL offers digital, interactive educational content online managed through an LMS (Learning Management System). We also want to offer mobile apps with these contents. 

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