Q. How can I get in touch with the organizing team ?

A. Email: ua-launchpad-info@google.com


 Q. All mentors are English spoken only?

A. No. We are looking for best mentors in key sectors of business and some of them will be from other countries, therefore English proficiency is the must.


Q. Does this event accept hardware startups?

Yes. This event format for all types of startups.


Q. Is there any fee involved for this event?

A. No, there are no charges to be a part of the event.


Q. I am currently part of an incubator/accelerator, is this a problem?

A. Launchpad Start and the overall program are designed to add additional value to the existing ecosystem, and not as a competitive program. Therefore we are even working together with accelerators and incubators and they also recommend startups for the Launchpad Start. 


Q. When will I get to know who are my mentors?

A. Mentor matching will be done closer to date (due to changing mentor availability). Typically you will get your mentor schedule for each day in the morning to make the best matches based on what you did the night before.


Q. How is a typical day at Google Launchpad?

A. The day focuses on one special topic and within that day on the 1:1 mentoring sessions. Meaning, you as startup get at least one mentor assigned to you to help you with your product at the exact stage you are. This makes sure you get the most out of Google Launchpad Start. Additionally, we also have an overview talk in the morning. More in the agenda.


Q. What comes after Google Launchpad Week?

A. Google Launchpad Start is part of the global Google Launchpad program. Launchpad provides startups in all stages with resources, online content, mentorship and training they need to succeed.


Q. Will Google provide travel and accommodation support for the event ?

A. No, Startups are expected to support themselves to be at Launchpad Start, if they are not living in the same city.


Q. What about Internet connection availability at the Venue?

A. Our Venue Partner does provide internet connectivity. As well as enough power supplies for your devices.


Q. Can I bring along more people?

A. All the names you have submitted to Google are whitelisted to attend. If you come along with someone new, you need to get prior approval from your Google POC.