About Launchpad Start

Launchpad Start is a five-day hyperacceleration boot-camp tailored to the needs of early stage startups. The program focuses on solving domain specific challenges including product, design, marketing, business and growth.

Join <Partner Name> for this week long program, powered by Google Developers Launchpad, created for startups in the <Regional Name> region.

Click on the Program Requirements tab to know more about who should apply. Contact us at xxxx@yyyy.com if you have any questions.


During the week, startups will be able to deepdive into specific aspects of their business based on the pre-decided themes that are key for early stage startups typically chosen for the program. The topics for the days typically range from Business, Growth, UX-UI, Design & Development to Marketing and Product, with hand-picked experts for each theme.


When and where

0:00 - March 14, 2017
United Kingdom

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